I made this account like 9 months ago and now I properly started writing posts because at that time I was like no it’s not the right time to do this, how I will be able to manage time and things like that. But you know what I just realized that I was totally wrong because there is never a right time to do anything, we have to make the time right and do things accordingly.

Why we don’t do things that we want to do?And we always end up doing nothing.

Doing something is better than doing nothing and this is something we all should understand.

” The right time is always now” -Casey Neistat.

Actually it is terrible thing in life, to wait until you are ready. You have to be ready to do all the things you want to do right now. I guess we all do this often because sometimes we are not in a mood to do that thing but we wait for the right time and that never happens because you have to make right time by yourself. Time never waits for anyone so why not do it now. We all should live in the present moment,you know this is the moment you are alive, happy & you can do whatever you want to do. Do not think about past or that what will happen in future, just enjoy this present moment!

I always wanted to come out of my comfort zone and wanted to do something interesting so I just decided that no matter what I am going to do this now and finally I started this journey and I am happy but the fear of judgment is still there. Haha

When you plan to do something and finally you are done with it, trust me the amount of  happiness you get after that  is undescribable.(I know you guys can totally relate to this)

So Don’t wait for things to get easier, simpler and better. Life will always be complicated. Learn to be happy right now, otherwise you will run out of time.

Think Positive Always!🌟


32 thoughts on “The Time Is Now!

  1. The hardest part is breaking out of your comfort zone!
    I agree and disagree at the same time with you, there are time for certain things to happen, thats destiny.
    But you shouldnt wait to start doing things when you can, so right time for effort is right now!

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  2. I’m glad you started now. I have come across a hundred situations in life when I have thought, ‘Not now.’ and right then I knew that, no, now is the time to start. Congrats on the start of your journey =)

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  3. “We have to make the time right and do things accordingly” — This!
    The right time is always “NOW”, we just need to know what to prioritise. If we have a list of things to do, all of them are supposedly due “NOW” — this way, we get to do and finish off the things on the priority list and in the end everything gets done, one way or another in due time.
    I’ve always told my students back then that there is no such thing as time management. We cannot manage time, we can only manage ourselves.

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  4. I think a lot of us sau ‘It’s not the right time’ when we are planning to do something that is out of our comfort zone…but if we use that excuse there may never BE a right time

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