​Hello Everyone!

I was so busy due to finals and finally I am done with all the hectic work and pathetic routine. I didn’t post because of it and now I will be more active here. 

As Ramadan has already started and I didn’t wish you guys or wrote a post about it so guys Ramadan Mubarak to all of you!

Ramadan is my favorite month and I just wait every year for it to come.

We all start preparing for it before 1 or 2 months and we decorate our homes, buy all the necessary items and do all the shopping and important stuff so that we will have more time to pray in Ramadan.

This Ramadan I also decorated my room but because my finals were going on so I didn’t do much and I am kinda sad about it. Anyways so I thought I should share with you all how I decorated my room. 

I just made these by myself as you can see in the picture below

It’s pretty easy because I used items that were easily available. I used hard charts, formic sheet, one shiny covering sheet and that’s it.

I cut hard chart in triangle shapes as you can see and then I covered those triangles with shiny covering sheet (you can use any) with the help of glue. Then I cut formic sheet into circle shape and pasted them on it and wrote one by one alphahets on it with the help of Marker. 

And then I took a thread and put all the triangles in it and pasted it on the wall.

Isn’t it easy? You can use fairy lights as well because they give a beautiful and dreamy look to the room. I am planning to make handmade lamps because they too look so good. My friend sent me this picture and I don’t know actually how to make them. If any one of you know then please tell me. Otherwise I have to watch some YouTube videos!

If you have made something like this, don’t forget to tag me in your post.

My insta username is @_eatreadlive 
I would love to know how you decorated your room for Ramadan❤


24 thoughts on “Ramadan Decorations!

  1. Masha Allah. Such decorations will my children happy. Generally, I ask my children to draw/color Ramadan/Eid related pictures and then I stick it on walls. A day before Eid we adore our house with Fairy lights.

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