Getting organized in life is what I am struggling about these days. It’s pretty hard for a messy and lazy person like me. But because of Ramadan no matter what, you have to do all the things on time so this is one of many things I like about this beautiful month. I always try to do my work on time but I fail because I am always like oh I will do this tomorrow or few hours later or I forget to do that and I hate this so much. So nowadays I am trying my best to do all the important things on their time and trying to manage time. Following are steps that will help you in getting organized in an easy way.

1) Use A Planner

This is a very important step and will help you alot. Writing things down in a notebook and planning things is always a great option. Plan things and write everything which is on your list-to-do everyday. I made my own planner like it’s so rough and I am also planning to buy one. I have downloaded one on my phone which was included in Muslimah Bloggers giveaway by Muslim Mommy USA and I can’t wait to get a print of it.

2) Stick to your Plan

Whatever plans you have made or the things you have wrote down, it will be of no use if you’ll not follow this step. Look you have wrote down every thing that you have to do everyday and you have planned everything, now if you’ll not follow it obviously you will not be able to do things on time. This will make you frustrated because you are not able to complete your work on time. So by sticking to your plan and by doing everything on its proper time, you will be able to save time and this will make you happy. This is the step that I missed mostly and results were terrible. I always made time tables, used a notebook but guess what It didn’t work. Why? Because I wasn’t​ sticking to my plan, I was replacing things that okay I will do this tomorrow so let’s do another thing (procrastination at its peek).

3) Relax and Simplify things

This is as important as doing all the tasks on the right time. You will feel some difficulty in doing this because you know a person who procrastinates alot like me can never easily make plans and then stick to it. No like honestly I am still struggling with this and I am trying again this time, hopefully everything will get easy and life will be less frustrated. To be honest you will feel low sometimes but all you need to do is to relax and just take some good rest. Another important thing to relieve stress is to make things simple. This will obviously require a positive mindset. Do things as simply as you can because complicated methods take alot of time and you will feel so tired. Obviously things will become complicated for you if you’ll not finish your work on time so, to avoid that you have to work everything as you have planned. Put yourself in a position where you can focus on doing the right task for the moment. Just relax and do something good for yourself because this is very important if you really want to get organized in life.

What are the steps you are following to help being organized in life? Would love to know that.

Much love.x.


33 thoughts on “3 Simple Ways To Get Organized In Life!

  1. I love my paper planner! Writing things down helps me remember my goals and plans much better than using apps or online tools. I also like that there is a finite amount of space available so I can’t overschedule myself.

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  2. #1 is a must. I spent too many years thinking I did not need a planner,but as soon as I started using one my life fell into order. Plus my head seemed clearer if that makes sense.

    Also, I didn’t know there was a Muslimah Bloggers group. I’ll have to tell my friend about it as she’s looking to create a blog.

    Aitza B |

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  3. YES YES, a planner is KEY.

    I am all about planning out my weeks on Sundays. Get the bird’s eye view of the days ahead and be prepared from day one.

    Thanks for your tips!

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  4. I desperately need to implement that ‘Relax and Simplify’ things….in my life….thank you for sharing awesome tips on how to get organised…

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  5. Great reminders! I use a whole suite of planners and apps to stay organized. I use CoSchedule to manage my business blogging and marketing schedule and use Asana to stay on top of client projects. I definitely rely on technology to keep me organized and see me through. Nothing more satisfying than ticking the checkmark on daily tasks that get us closer to finishing big projects.

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    1. I can’t really rely on technology because in that case I kept deleting and then making new ones, that is the reason I shifted to paper planner because I find it easy.


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