Pain is not just a strong word. You can’t define pain in just a statement because it is different experience for every person. Pain can teach you to be hopeful and it can teach you to break all the rules. It can lead towards depression and insomnia. Pain, which allows you to forget everything else and you get close to Allah. Pain teaches you lessons but most importantly pain demands to be felt. Either you get what you want or you end up losing something in the end. It can be dangerous and it can be helpful but it depends on you, yes you that how do you see it. Do you want to stay in pain or do you want to get out of it, are you struggling in your life or you just sit and watch everything falls apart. You need to fix yourself first to get rid of PAIN. Yes it’s true that there are times when we must be hurt in order to grow, we must lose in order to gain, because some lessons in life are best learned through pain. But one has to get rid of pain because everybody wants to live a beautiful life.
It is a complicated phenomenon because pain according to you would be something else while according to me it would be something else. But one thing that is similar is it teaches us a lesson, it teaches us how to struggle, it makes us strong, it makes you look at the positive side of the life, which is a good thing but at the same time no one can ever forget the time period in which one has to go through so much pain. Pain according to me is a contcontradiction. You want to get rid of it but you feel trapped. It can be opposite as some people feel pleasure in it in various forms. You can’t share how you feel because it’s indescribable, at least for me. Like the world has came to an end or if not world then at least your life, the thought that you are going to die of pain gives you goosebumps and suddenly you feel helpless, breathless. We always compare pain to death and it’s hard to actually imagine it. It’s not just physical but mental illness results to a worst image because you can’t actually explain what you are going through whether it’s in the form of depression or just feeling of stress. Getting out of that pain is really really important according to me. There are medicines to get rid of physical pain but for mental pain it’s different. It kills you from inside. Yes I am saying it and it’s true that mental pain needs to be focused more as I see everyday in newspapers and social media that people are actually dying because of mental illness. We can do so many things to save people who are suffering from it. Why everybody is just ignoring this fact, why everyone is keeping their mouth shut, just because it’s not you? No this issue needs to get resolved as soon as possible. 

We together can actually do alot to save these people suffering from pain. 

Just spread kindness because this world already is full of hate. Just by talking to that kind of people will help them alot. As a psychology student, so far I learnt that you just have to listen to the person suffering from illness. Don’t give advices or things like that because the person sitting next to you might just wanted to talk to you without the fear of judgement you know. Spread kindness because it will not cost you anything but it will be helpful for people around you. Positive attitude is really important specially in a negative environment. 

I read this on internet and I feel like what pain actually is has been described very truly. I thought I should share it with you guys as well. Here it is


With the pain in your chest, you can’t stand anymore,

So tired you just want to fall to the floor,

Exhausted from smiling every single day,

No matter what the pain won’t go away.

Feel so hopeless, you just want to cry,

When no one can help you or even say why

The darkness took over the life you once had,

It left you so lonely, frightened and sad…

You thought this was it, things can get no worse

You are tired of fighting the eternal curse.

But each day gets harder, harder to bear,

When you think of future, you really don’t care.

Each day you wake up hoping it’s your last,

It’s raining today, dark and overcast…

The monster inside is the worst thing that’s happened,

More painful than anything ever imagined.

Still I live with the hope things will one day get better,

That this pain inside will not last forever.

–  Anonymous.

Hope never dies even in critical situations one has to be hopeful in order to survive. People suffering from pain are always hopeful that maybe in next minute their pain will go away. When there is no hope left or the person feels hopeless then they start thinking about death which is so hard actually.

I will write more posts on mental health in coming days as this is my field but for now we have to accept the fact that no matter what kind of pain it is, people suffer alot. We have to accept the fact that we actually focus more on physical health and neglect mental health. But now we have to stay united and write about this matter and raise our voices because this is all what we can do. 

Hope this article is helpful for you all and I can’t wait to read more posts on this issue. If you have written something do share the link in the comments section below.

Spread happiness, kindness and love.x.

Note: The featured image is by talented artist Mahoor Jamal. Her work is incredible. You can check more of her work on Instagram @mahoor_jamal 👇


91 thoughts on “PAIN, not just a strong word.

  1. because pain according to you would be something else while according to me it would be something else. But one thing that is similar is it teaches us a lesson, it teaches us how to struggle, it makes us strong,
    It’s very nice thanks


  2. I’m so thankful I’ve never had to deal with a chronic illness or a mental health problem, but I definitely agree that kindness could be the solution to so many of our problems.


  3. I fully agree when you said that pain is a contracdiction, that you want to get rid of it but you often feel trapped. What do you do when it feels like your life is falling apart ? From my personal experience, after you’ve forgiven yourself, you need to feel that it’s okay for you to re-engage with your life and go on to enjoy that success you feel so guilty about. The people you think you’re being disloyal to may, to your surprise, be the first in line to cheer you on.


  4. Pain….some pains you bound to live with them…they say time is a great healer…but it failed in my case…when I lost my dad….that pain made a permanent hole in heart….but I out choose the happy memories over and as they life goes it is moving….the Anonymous lines are wonderful….


  5. Everything is so spot on! You want to get rid of the pain but you feel trapped. Aptly put!
    But sometimes, one inflicts pain on themselves because it reminds them of the misery they are going throiugh. Pain makes everything looks so real.

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  6. Also, I just realised that my last comment makes me sound like a sadist. What I meant to say is that people do feel trapped because dealing with pain is terrible and sometimes they just don’t have the strength to make it go away.

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  7. It touched me! I loved your writing! And the fact that we ignore mental health is so very true! Mental illness- depression, stress kills a person! Thanks for sharing!
    And yes the part of ones struggling in their lives, they can either turn to be better day by day or become violent ! Loved reading your post

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  8. Such a powerful post! There are so many kinds of pain in the world… And so much of it! I thought you really highlighted the problem of mental health not being dealt with properly, this pain can be even harder to manage than the physical kind.

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  9. I am speechless. I agree with you since I am a psychology major and sometimes a person just wants us to listen to them so they can lighten their heart. We don’t always need to jump with advice and solutions. Sometimes listening is the best solution to a person’s pain.

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  10. I love this so much. Especially the part about spreading kindness. I went through some very traumatic times in my life and I blamed myself constantly for what had happened and felt incredible guilt. What had happened was something that was permanent and something that I couldn’t go back in time and change again.

    For 4 years, I held onto that pain and guilt. I didn’t allow myself to enjoy myself or be happy because I felt guilty if I did.

    Only after letting it go and realising that it was only a short blip on my entire life’s timeline, was I able to move on. I feel completely healed now, but I know I’ll still never be the same person that I used to be. Because I’ve been through these times, it has changed me, but also made me realise what compassion and kindness is. I now spend my time spreading that kindness and love into the world. Every situation has a silver lining.

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    1. Ah so sorry to hear that. There are so many people who don’t wanna talk about their pain but hey if you want to talk about anything, feel free to reach out to me. I believe that you are more strong now. Spreading kindness is the one thing that we all can do to help others.


  11. People sometimes feel trapped by pain because they feel that their ability to overcome it doesn’t exist and sometimes they are right. Sometimes it’s the kindness of others that helps us work through our own pain.

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  12. The pain that’s not seen is the worst kind of pain. I never had to deal with any severe problems but my dad did and even though he didn’t show his pain I knew in how much PAIN he really wais. Mentally and physically. Keep being strong!

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  13. I definitely agree with spreading kindness and being a light to others. I know that often times I suffer in silence because I don’t want to burden others, so when others are kind to me I appreciate it even more.

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  14. Pain is such a difficult thing. Certainly, we want to spread love, joy, and peace in the world. But we cannot eliminate pain altogether because pain is a warning sign to us that something is wrong. We need to have it in order to correct things.

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