Sometimes you can forget the importance of a hijab. Yet for a Muslim it’s the centre of their world. Hidden Pearls reflects this brilliantly, for them a hijab is not just about selling but also about being. This is reflected by how they sell a variety of Hijabs, Hijab Pins, Handbags/Purses and various types of Islamic gifts including Eid Gifts which all tie in together making moments extra special for women around the world. 
Guys ‘ Hidden Pearls’ is one stop where you can buy what you want without worrying about it’s quality, price and delivery issues. Yes that’s right. 
Hidden Pearls is a UK based online store started in January, 2015 that ships their products worldwide. They are selling great quality products to their customers without having the high end price attached to them. From bags to hijaabs and from gifts to clothing, you can choose from a vast variety at very affordable price.

The idea behind this business is that people should get quality products with affordable prices at one stop. According to them ” We noticed that getting hijaabs was a problem beyond belief. Just trying to hit the shops we would be quoted with ridiculous prices, and for something we wanted to wear everyday it seemed unfair that we should be paying that price.”

In UK they didn’t find good quality hijabs at reasonable price so they started their own business to help woman who are going through same situation. I am so inspired by this because you know taking out time from your hectic schedule just to help someone else is incredible. 

I feel so lucky that they sent me 2 hijabs, one from  Chiffon Collection    and the other one from  Pearl Lace Collection  

I love wearing hijabs so whenever I go out, I have to wear different hijabs according to the situation like whether it’s matching with the outfit or is it suitable for the hot weather or any other situation. But I am so glad that the quality of these hijabs is so good plus I loved the colors as they are not too bright and I can wear them with light colored outfits. Also comfort factor is really really important for me. If I don’t feel comfortable while wearing a hijab then it’ll not work for me but I am so happy that these hijabs have that factor and you can easily wear them without any worry.

This one is from  Chiffon Collection  and it’s light in weight and is easy to wear and is good if you’re going out and the heat is unbearable.

And this one is from  Pearl Lace Collection which adds a ‘modest’ element to the hijab and is definitely stunning. It’s not too much overloaded with the pearls that’s what I like personally. If you like fancy hijabs then you must have to buy from this collection.

Their hijab varieties include several types of Plain Hijabs, Crinkle, Chiffon, Jersey, Pom Pom, Turkish, Shimmer, Multi tone & Ombre, Silk, Floral, Polka Dot, Butterfly, Leopard Print, Pearl, Lace, Ribbon, Diamante and even Glitter Rose Hijabs. By the way, this list is by no means exhaustive! For that, you would have to checkout their Hijabs yourself. They easily have the largest collection of Hijabs & Hijab Pins amongst the hijab shops in the whole of UK. They have also recently added some beautiful varieties of Islamic Gifts in their shops as well. You would have seen thousands of different types of Christmas, Easter and New Year gifts but it is difficult to find good affordable eid gifts online! Check their Website for more information.

Yet for a Muslim a beautiful and thoughtful gift could mean so much and as the years pass by, offer a tangible reminder of thoughtfulness and connection, which is a Sunnah in Islam. Hidden Pearls is doing a regular & deluxe box which offers a beautiful hijab (2 in the Deluxe box) from their luxury collection, you get a set of gorgeous hijab pins and an everyday essential hijab bonnet or ninja cap! Along with this you would get additional items in your box ranging from chocolates, pretty earrings, a bow and other really nice stuff! Hidden Pearls is on the road to improving the Muslim gift market! 
Finally, the products are gorgeously presented in a black box for regular and ivory for large and tied off with a stunning satin ribbon. Check out their regular and deluxe boxes at Hidden Pearls under Islamic Gifts  for Herand Eid Gifts. This gift range will soon be expanding! Hidden Pearls are also getting ready to launch Eid Presents for Kids so keep your eyes open guys!

Also they have Amazing offers for all of you & for that you have to check their website ,  Instagram and  Facebook

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  1. With millions of Muslims worldwide and continuesly expanding, business are starting to recognize that this niche market is very important. There are many opportunities when you specialized in Muslim market.


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