Hi lovely people!

I decided to do a fun post before eid as I was tagged by some friends on Instagram  &  Twitter  to do a challenge named ” What’s inside my handbag”

I always choose small handbags over big ones as I don’t carry so much stuff with me so a small beautiful bag which is easy to carry always works. Want to see what’s inside it? Here it is:


I put all the necessary cards, keys( if any), money, pins and little things in it.

Diary or a small notebook

This is always there like I love diaries.

Body Spray

Blushon/ face powder

Not always but sometimes I carry these with me as well.

Mascara/ Eye liner

It’s necessary as you all know. lol

Lip balm

I like my maybelline baby lips so this is one thing I like to carry with me wherever I go.


Who doesn’t like to wear them like who.

• Last but not the least my mobile.

Sometimes I add more things like Sunscreen, lotion etc 

It depends on the situation. Hope you enjoyed this post. 

I would love to know what’s inside your handbag.

Also Eid Mubarak to you all💕we will celebrate Eid tomorrow here in Pakistan. I pray that you enjoy every single moment of these blessed days. Remember me in your prayers! 



51 thoughts on “What is inside my handbag!

  1. I used to be the woman who like you only carried a small handbag, but then I purchased a larger planner which required a bigger bag. LOL. I have too much crap in my purse like makeup case with too much stuff, keys, wallet, hand sanitizer and a few other knick knacks.

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  2. Ok, I’ve got to admit it. I love knowing what other women carry around in their handbags ! Firstly I change up my handbags pretty frequently to match my outfits and also depending what I’m doing and how much I need to carry. However, I carry very similar things as you in my handbag except the eyeliner and the face powder 🙂

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  3. Always useful to carry a notebook in your handbag to not down any notes on the go. My bag consists mostly of nappies and kids clothing. Lol. #MuslimahBloggers

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  4. I always keep a small notepad with me as well it’s perfect for jotting down a quick note if need be. Sometimes I just use my photo but when it’s something long this works perfectly!

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  5. I prefer small bags over those large ones but one has to carry those large ones for college and schools. Notebook is always there. I’m kind of addicted to notebooks and stationary ❤

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