I wrote about pain and now i decided to write something which is related to pain, one word came into my mind and that is ‘Suffering’. We all suffer in one way or other. Sometimes we suffer if we do good & sometimes we suffer if we have done something wrong. So much is going on in this world that I feel so sad like when I see innocent people suffering due to terrorism, genocide, racism etc etc. This is the case where people who have done no wrong are suffering. The major question is why? And nobody is going to answer this why and this is the thing that I am afraid of. Let’s just raise our voice because that’s the least we can do.

Suffering is related to pain and there’s already so much pain in this world that it’s hard to imagine what the other person is going through in his life. In the other case people suffer because of depression, anxiety. Its treatment is available but the least we can do is to spread kindness. Your behavior can bring alot of change in other person’s life. Do you imagine that before talking to someone else? Trust me it will make alot of change.

Wrong decisions, not believing in ourself sometimes lead to suffering. It’s such a vast topic that the more you think about it the more you want to write, never ending discussion. So the idea behind this post is that the people of this world are already suffering alot, why are we making it worse? why are we ruining the definition of peace, kindness and happiness? Let’s make this world better for all by little acts of kindness. You can donate to help the victims of Syria, Burma, Jordan etc. You can talk to a person suffering from depression or anxiety or is in any other pain and try to help him. Actually you can do alot, you can make a huge difference.

Start now not tomorrow.



34 thoughts on “Suffering

  1. Ever since my daughter was born I am suffering for all the kids in the world who are suffering. When my daughter sleep well by my side ar night I feel kind of quilty that there are sooo many children out there right now at this right moment who are afraid to go to sleep! Just writing this makes me want to cry.
    So yes, I try to donate as often as I can! The


  2. Don’t know why but in urdu they say like,
    گیہوں کے ساتھ گھُن بھی پِستا ہے !
    Still, sufferings in a way increase the ‘yielding limit’ of a person but still they can either ‘make’ you or ‘break’ you. You just never know which side of the whisker you be standing the moment fog lifts.
    Agree with what you said !

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  3. You are correct. I see too much drama made out of ordinary events. There is always someone who is worse off than you. Be thankful. If we are sitting in front of our computers, able to read and write your lovely article, we are better off than most. Spread positivity. Well said!

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  4. JazakAllahu khayran for this very important reminder. It breaks my heart to see what’s going on in this world today – so much so that sometimes I need to scroll past and I just can’t bear to read it all. May Allah grant them ease and may He grant us the ability to serve/ help them in one way or another.

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