Happy Sunday!
It’s been such a hectic week so i was waiting for weekend to complete all the tasks. Like today I opened my public instagram account and finally posted(oh-finally) and those of you who are following know that i posted stories about halal goodies box which i received after eid that shows how lazy i am. I need to fix this to be honest. Yes i am drinking coffee right now and after publishing this post, i am going to check blog posts of other people so you can drop your post link in comments section below.

We wait for weekend just to relax and do some work that needs to be done. On other days i just think about going to sleep early at night because that’s how busy my routine is but the case is opposite on sundays. I have to remind myself that please, no more excuses! Make up your mind and do the things because today you have extra time. Being busy is not always about negativity, it can be a source of happiness to you if you love what you do. Sometimes we overreact to certain things and later on we realize that we should’ve enjoyed those little moments. This is what life is, all about tiny moments! Let’s just make most of it.
I hope you guys had an amazing weekend full of fun and laughter. Just wanted to share this quickly with you guys. I am going to write a post on halal goodies box but for now you can check my insta stories(@_eatreadlive) to know what i am talking about. 



10 thoughts on “Let’s talk about sundays!

  1. It’s about the little things in life! It sure is. We’re always in a rush to get certain things and we overlook the little things, later we realise how precious those things were if only we had stopped and had taken it all in. I feel like that race to become bettter will never end, today it might be one thing and tomorrow it will be another thing but it won’t stop. So why not just enjoy the present while we still have it.


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