World mental health is celebrated on 10th of October every year to raise the awareness about mental health issues across the globe. This October 10th marks its 25th anniversary, and all over the world, it has become an important day for all those seeking progress on mental health issues. 

Mental Health is very important which we often neglect. We focus more on our physical health which is good but neglecting mental health causes a major issue. We get stressed in our daily routine and then we try to overcome it, if we neglect that it will lead to depression. To cure mental illness from base level is very important it’s just that there is a need to accept the reality. Person suffering from mental health issues is going through difficult times but the least we can do is to understand what they are going through, to help them by talking.

Think about your circle of friends, family and your colleagues. We all know someone who is struggling, they may be suffering in silence. The truth is mental illness affects people of all ages. People suffering from this issue don’t seek out help but what you have to do is to be kind with them, show them the ways that will help them all they need is a person who will listen to what they are saying without judging or without any doubt. Speaking out about mental health protects our mental health. We just need to provide space and raise awareness about this matter and for this mental health holds an important position. If you are suffering from any kind of mental illness just remember that you are not alone, you can overcome it by talking about it. If you want to fight it you will be a winner and if you yourself don’t want to get out of it then it will be impossible for you to get rid of pain. 
Let’s just work together to break down the stigma that surrounds mental illness……. let’s talk!

Also I am going to attend a seminar today related to mental health and i will try to keep you guys updated about it through instagram stories so stay tuned.



14 thoughts on “World Mental Health Day: Let’s talk 

  1. Mental health is so important I’m glad people now understand the importance of it and how there is now respect for people struggling with mental health. Let’s make a change together 👍🏻

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  2. Yes, mental health is important and yes, we all need to learn the basics like self-care, supporting each other and reaching out for help when needed. Establishing a culture of support is a lifelong project.

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  3. very true… needs to be talked about….sadly in our culture it is still seen as a taboo and hidden and we really need to change that


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