Hi everyone,

I hope you all are doing great. Today I am going to show you guys what i got in halal goodies box which I won in a giveaway. Halal Halal Goodies is a company which promotes natural products and a person who can happily choose natural over any other thing demands nothing else. If you are following me on Instagram , you’ve probably seen me sharing the unboxing of it. Without any delay here are the things I got:
Shifa Aromas Candle:

So the  thing I was anxiously waiting for is this Shifa aromas candle and the best thing about it is that it smells amazing like it’s too good. Winters are also coming and this candle would be a great combination while reading a book, can’t wait actually.

Akamuti Lip Balm:

Next is this amazing lip balm. I used it and i can actually write a whole post on it. It is so so good. It is a great mosturizer for lips and plus point is that it is made up of all natural ingredients. It smells amazing. I am using it daily and it is helping me alot. You have to try this out and I know it won’t disappoint you.

Amelia Rope Chocolate:

There was a chocolate included in the box as well which my brother ate(cries a river) and he told me that it was delicious. Now who doesn’t love chocolates? 

I am so glad that I won this beautiful box. Thank you Team halal goodies. You should check their instagram because they are offering great stuff. They have something special for everyone, you just have to check their website !

Love & light.x.


30 thoughts on “Halal Goodies Box

  1. Haal goodies have great and awesome stuff. The Shifa Aroma Candles is one of my favorites, It can be a substitute in a diffuser. The smell of this candle sounds so good perfect while reading the book and also a good for calming of the brain and seems to be relaxing

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  2. Nothing’s better than winning a giveaway 😉 congratulations dear! And you know what.. my brother eats away my chocolates too! Lol! All the products are so good! Lucky you!

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