Now that the nights are getting longer and weather is starting to get a bit chillier, I am absolutely ready to welcome winter which is my favorite season. Autumn always marked a fresh start and it gives us hope which I think is an important factor. There’s something very special in the air at this time of the year. A crisp autumn breeze, falling leaves floating delicately towards the ground, inspiring many people to live again. You feel so good and motivated with new goals and new things to focus on. 

Leaves changing colour before falling look beautiful in shades of yellow, orange, gold, red and brown is probably one of my favorite things.
Walking on these crunchy leaves without giving attention to what is going on around me, in my own thoughts is undescribable. I never loved the idea of going on a morning walk as I am not a morning person but this season has something in it which just keeps pulling me to feel the positivity and freshness in the air. Seeing those glowy reds and yellows and feeling the crisp air, as I walk out of the door, makes it impossible for me not to smile and start the day feeling fresh and invigorated.

Reading in a calm environment while you light up a candle and drink a cup of coffee, I just love it!

I want to travel to some of the countries that are on my wish list. Walking on the streets of London, exploring Turkey, want to see how autumn is arriving there. Sounds dreamy righttttt? but that is impossible so I am following some tags on instagram where people from different countries upload autumn related pictures with beautiful captions.

 You can follow and take part too by searching tags like #myautumnspace #thisautumnlife #thisishowihueit #pocketsofslow 

What are the things you love about this season?

Love & light.x.


30 thoughts on “Why I love Autumn!

  1. I love autumn as well thanks to all the gorgeous colors. I wish I saw more of them in Texas, but most of the shades are just brown and more brown.


  2. Autumn is my favorite season after summer. It’s such a beautiful time of the year. I especially like that the weather is just right- not too hot, and not too cold; it’s just right! Great post! I enjoyed reading your thoughts.

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  3. What I learn from Autumn and Spring, it gives life and death to a new life. I love the changing of nature, that nothing is forever. Life moves on! It brings colors to it’s true meaning. Though I don’t like chilled weather πŸ˜›

    At my end, we don’t have actual Autumn season, it’s just less hot that you can go out in the afternoon and relax.

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  4. Autumn season is so dreamy and romantic, although I have not experienced the falling leaves and all those colors as here in the desert you don’t see that. Here, the weather is the pleasant-est it can get all year and we hit the beach. And yah i love cosy winters too…!


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