Few days left & this year will be over & I am thinking where the hell did all time go? This year comparatively was better than 2016 on so many levels and can’t thank Allah enough for that. This time of the year always bring happiness and warmth. You open insta & everybody is posting stuff related to holidays and reviewing their year & then you realize how much little things matter. Bloggers are posting some great stuff & I seriously have to read so many posts because it always feels good to read positive stuff. I don’t actually know where to start & how to end this post so, whatever comes in my mind i’m writing it down. I made account on wordpress 2 years ago (yes you read that right) but I published my first blog in July this year. It took me 2 years to actually start blogging like properly & this is one thing that I’m so proud of because you know you have to come out of your comfort zone & it feels really good. I am so glad that I’ve received immense support from you guys, your comments make me smile everyday so a big thank you to all you 100 people out there. I am here if you need any kind of help, support related to blogging or if you want to collaborate just shoot me a dm on instagram or email me and i’ll do whatever i can. Okay without any delay i’m going to tell you things that you should do before this year ends & they’ll help you recall the good & bad time.

Here are the things you should do before the year ends:

Be grateful. Trust me this is one thing which will make you a better human being. Make a list of things that you are grateful for, don’t forget to add little things as well. If you want to stay positive amidst all the negativity, you should be grateful for all the things you have.

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I am a kind of person who do think on the spot like I actually am not that organized or whatever you can say but it really helps if you like things organized. Make a list of things you still have to do & try to do them as early as possible. Make another list of things you want to do it achieve in 2018, maybe main points just to get an idea of what should you do first.

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Scroll through the year! You’ll find good & bad memories, focus on the good & let other things go because they made you a better version of yourself. Check what you have achieved in 2017 & what are the things that made you who you are & things you don’t want to repeat in next year. Go back to January & think about the things you did that you are proud of & write them in a notebook. Open the gallery in your phone and check all the photos you took, it’s kind of a therapy actually. Text your old friends or someone you miss while looking at the photos before the new year starts. Reunite with people you miss. Be the first to text them because this year’s gonna end & you don’t want to end your relationship with your family, friends. Righttttt?

Write a letter to your future self. Whatever comes in your mind, just write it down. Be proud of yourself & let your words flow. I personally feel writing letters is more fun then making a video or a voice note. What do you think?


Loving yourself is very important factor. Give priority to yourself over anything else because you deserve it. Do things that make you happy. Eat alot, sleep alot & most importantly have fun. Do makeup or maybe read your favorite book once again or watch something & oh don’t care about other people because if you’ll love yourself, people will love you. 

Also don’t forget to share your blog post link related to new year in the comments below. I would love to check them out✨

Love & light!💛


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