There are so many misconceptions or you can say people judge just because you don’t show a certain type of response to whatever they say. There’s a misconception that being nonchalant is rude or that they don’t have a heart. I choose to act nonchalantly whenever I like, it depends on the situation & it saves you from alot of things. I can do alot of things easily & being nonchalant is one of them. Not like I am pro at it or I can give classes on how to be nonchalant, haha no but this is a serious matter because people still don’t get it. If you ever catch me caring know that it’s genuine. When I get to know that worrying or obsessing over something doesn’t help at all & that it always makes the matter worse that is when I decided to not overthink & take tension about little things, more like it turned me into a nonchalant person & I am not planning to change. It’s you know naturally in me not that I pretend or fake things out. Life gets more easier when you trust Allah & don’t let tiniest of things bother you. Being nonchalant doesn’t mean you are emotionless. It’s more like you don’t want everyone to know what you are going through or you just don’t care much about the negativity in your life. Maybe sometimes a person acts uninterested or differently but it’s not like that person doesn’t care. My friend yesterday talked about this & said, ” I am a nonchalant person but I do care!
I don’t get it when someone says oh it seems like you don’t have a heart because you don’t cry when someone in your family is sick or you are the person who doesn’t care about what’s going around her, whether somebody is dying or not it’s none of your business. You are fucking emotionless & this made my life so difficult. I was depressed for almost 6 months” Nobody has a right to judge because you seriously are making things worse & you are contributing nothing to the society except hate.

You know what people don’t get is I am very sensitive about little things & this just hit me hard every time I think about that because hey I do not fucking pretend like you do or I don’t fake things out. I always try to act normal in critical situations because I am so good at hiding emotions & I donot want to cry in front of people or tell them look I care because I seriously donot want to do that. I cry when nobody is watching, I like to pray when nobody is watching & I fuckin’ care about these little things. I am not a careless person just because I didn’t say out loud that I CARE doesn’t mean I donot care, I literally do. Sometimes showing nonchalant behavior is good you know just to ignore all the negativity that surrounds you. You show zero response to the people talking about the things that don’t interest & then they are like why you do that. Haha. It makes me laugh so hard sometimes because things gets interesting when people don’t know what you are up to.

If you want to worry less than you have to act nonchalantly. I do act nonchalantly sometimes and no I am not planning to change that because trust me life gets easier when you do that, when you ignore the things that no more interest you, when you do exactly what you want to do & when you don’t try to overthink about that particular thing…….. Being nonchalant makes life easy!
One point to be kept in mind is that nonchalant people do care & they also have feelings & emotions, they are just better at hiding them. Next time somebody judges on this, tell them you don’t care because hey you are not like them, you are special.

The less you give a damn the happier you will be.

Love & light.x


19 thoughts on “Being Nonchalant is completely Okay!

  1. Oh my God. I am justttttt like this and I didn’t know there’s a word to describe this. And I go through the same reactions from people. Most assume that I don’t feel hurt or sad but I just can’t express it! And I thought I’m the only on this way. I get so akward when I see women crying and lamenting over things I feel are so minor. Such a relief. Haaaah!!!!

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  2. Some people also internalize a lot of emotions, and do a very good job of not showing them on the outside for fear of being judged, the exact same way you describe. Many times it is a lose-lose situation. At the end of the day, we just have to worry about ourselves, and try not care about what others think. Because many times, other people suck!

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    1. Absolutely! It’s not like oh I look happy so I am happy but you know you don’t show what you are going through. It’s in the nature but it can help you deal with what you go through everyday I guess.


  3. I agree with you!! Not caring about petty and irrelevant matters is the key to less stress. I also agree that nonchalant people are better at hiding their emotions than other people. P.s thank you so much for your likes, I never had the time to return the favor; now that I’m making out time for my writing etc, I’ll surely check out your blog more often. Lots of love.

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