Healthy eating and healthy lifestyle is becoming a necessity day by day because not only it improves your physical health but it also has diverse affects on your mental health as well. In Pakistan there may be companies offering organic products but I have never came across any company on social media before that’s why I was really surprised when I got to know about Nawab and how they aim to provide better and replaceable options to people that are worth using. So I received a package of all NATURAL products from Nawab. It’s really kind of them to send me their amazing products thought I should share what I got and how can we use these products. Plus 1000 points for packaging because everything was packed nicely, these bottles & jars are too cute. It’s been quite a few days since I received the package, the reason I didn’t share it immediately with all of you is that I wanted to use specially the oils on my skin and hair first as I didn’t use any of the them before. I am so happy to tell you all that all the products I tried gave me amazing results and didn’t disappoint me. Plus they have given every product a unique name like Catchy coconut oil, Striking sesame oil and I really liked this because this makes Nawab products unique in their own way!
So yeah let’s get started without any further delay!


I love all things sweet and me and my brother ate all of it immediately and I must say it was really good. Made from brown sugar and mixed nuts, it really has the ability to fulfill your sweet cravings without getting worry about things like am I eating a right thing? Or oh I shouldn’t have eaten that much sweet or if you are on a diet then this I would really recommend. It’s price is really cheap so you can get it in on your footsteps by just sending a message.

If you want to order then all the details are provided at the end of this post.


I have never used apricot oil before so I wanted to use it on my skin first & then share the results with you all. I have a sensitive, dry skin so it really worked for me. It didn’t remove acne but it really made my skin more glowing. It’s a great mosturizer as well because skin quickly absorbs it. You can make a face mask too if you want. Don’t expect overnight results. Try it at least for a week to see positive results.


Like every oil it also has numerous benefits. It is known as “Natural Makeup Remover” Just a small dab of coconut oil will make it easy for you to remove your makeup. Bonus point is that it will not create any irritation.
It can be used as cheekbone highlighter. Yes guys try it to believe it. Haha. It improves energy and burns fat so you can use it in smoothie too, I have to try that so I don’t know the results.


This is a really beneficial oil. You can use it in cooking, on your skin, hair etc. I read on internet that it helps your body relax & make you sleep better if you massage it on your foot so I did that and I was surprised because it’s true guys. It helps you feel good. Give it a try whenever you feel like you are tired and you are unable to do anything.


Many people recommended me this oil to control hairfall so I tried it & I actually can feel the difference. It’s different from other oils as it’s non sticky. Being a light, non-sticky oil, it helps nourish the hair roots and makes them strong. Other benefits are that it adds shine, treats split ends, and it has natural SPF 5.


I searched about it and I was really surprised to see so many people using it and found unique recipes that I will be sharing with you guys. What makes this rice really beneficial is that it is gluten free, full of fibre, maintain healthy weight, normalizes cholesterol and is good for heart.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post. Donot forget to order these products from NAWAB. The best thing about this company is that they provide natural products with very affordable prices.

There was a little towel and a bag included in the package too. Thank you so much Nawab for sending these 100% Natural Products.


I don’t review or write about anything which I haven’t used so I wrote all of this with complete honesty and after using each and every thing.

You can get more information about them on Facebook and Instagram

Follow me on my Instagram to know how I am using these products through my stories.

Love & light.x.✨


18 thoughts on “NAWAB- All Things Organic!

  1. Natural and affordable is bliss these days….Love that brittle and sesame oil….I just bought a can of sesame oil from an organic store near my house and we are welcoming the new flavour of oil in recipes in these days….thank you for sharing about this Nawab brand…

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