Weather here is completely dry. As much as I love raining there’s no sign of it happening soon. Anyways i am going to share with you all what is my ideal way to spend a chilly day. Also winter season is my favorite.


I prefer staying home rather than going out on a cold day.
First of all I love sleeping, wait let’s just not go there because I can sleep for 12 hours straight and if I plan to sleep on a cold day then the whole day will be just for sleeping. Haha.


Secondly I love food so probably I will cook a delicious dish for me—maybe two and that includes Pasta for sure.


After eating I would read a book by my favorite author while sitting near a heater and scent of candle making the environment cozy and then after that maybe I will watch a movie based on that book because I love to read books first and then watch.

Catch up with friends

Then more likely I would catch up with my friends by inviting them to my home (see not going outside) and family of course. You may not talk to your friends on daily basis because of busy schedules and all but when you do, you feel like they all matter to you so much and you feel blessed. They are idiots just like you so talking and laughing with them is the best therapy.

Me time

Then i would just drink a cup of tea while sitting in a quiet place concentrating on beauty that is NATURE. I would want to do skincare/haircare routine because it’s really stress releasing thing.

Anyhow this is my ideal way, staying inside and doing what I love to do most and yes I will sleep if i’ll not find anything better to do. As simple as that. Hahaha.

Hope you enjoyed reading.

What is your ideal way to spend a chilly day?

Love & light.x.


2 thoughts on “My Ideal Way To Spend A Chilly Day!

  1. I don’t like chilly weather at all. But I always have something on my sleeves. So usually don’t have liberty to indulge in all the casual activities.

    I like and prefer myself busy all the time. So usually I tend to find myself into doing something.

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