On International Women’s Day last year, I wasn’t able to share anything because I didn’t start blogging at that time. Now that i’ve an opportunity, I wanted to write about women who inspire me everyday.
Today we celebrate women. Their power, their resilience, their feminine beauty and so much more. Everyday I come across women who drive me forward towards achieving my dreams and to believe in myself. A woman doesn’t have to be ‘well known’ to be making a difference. Near and far, there are female heroes who have touched my life and changed me with their stories.
Today I am going to share with you 5 women that show me life is all about following your passion. Women that show me each day you are a step closer to your dreams. Women that define strength. Women that show me you don’t get lucky in life without the hard work.

1) My mother

My first inspirational lady has to be my mother. In her roles as a wife, mother of five and a friend, she redefines happiness, love, courage and patience. I am inspired by her in every aspect like her ability to forgive those who have hurt her, make herself better and love the life she’s been given. She’s the true symbol of strength. She taught me to follow my dreams, never give up and always smile. I am truly truly blessed to have her in my life. She understands me like no one and she is the one whom I look up to each and every day.

“People will always complain. Do something for your happiness first & everything else will be alright.”

2) Muniba Mazari

Next up on this list is my favorite and one and the only, Muniba Mazari known as Pakistan’s IRON LADY. She went through spinal injury and is now wheel chair bound but that didn’t stop her from achieving her dreams and now she’s a role model to every women out there.
Her words touch me very deeply. Her honesty is what makes you listen to her story. She’s been through so much and still she is able to smile big. All the things she’s been through made her what she is today. If you ever feel like giving up, just listen to any of her talks and trust me you would feel so blessed. I feel so inspired by what she is doing to make people smile. I really look up to her. I want to be as kind as her because this world just needs kindness, nothing else.

“While we women are busy playing our predefined roles in daily lives as mothers, sisters, daughters and wives, we somehow forget to love ourselves, we forget our worth and we don’t realize that there’s so much more we can do for ourselves and for people around us.” – Muniba Mazari

3) Yasmin Mogahed

A gifted and powerful speaker. She is raising young Muslims to self awareness in an amazing way. She is a great Author. Her writings always inspire me so much. She is a source of learning to me actually and I really look up to her.

“I tell you to keep going, not because it’s easy. Not because it doesn’t hurt. I tell you to keep going because there’s no other way. To stop is to die. Life is in motion. In growth. In change. Life is in seeking and in finding. Life is in redemption. Each moment is a new birth. A new chance to come back, to get it right.” – Yasmin Mogahed

4) Colleen Hoover

I love what she writes but most importantly I love the message her books spread. She writes about strong women in a very unique manner. Her stories are related to real life issues and that is what I think makes them so powerful. She is a strong woman and an inspiration to many including me.

5) Deepika Padukone

I love her not because she’s an actress but because she is a fighter and survivor. She was diagnosed with depression but what inspires me about all this is that she didn’t give up. She fought not only for herself but for every person dealing with mental illness. She made her own foundation ” The Live, Love, Laugh Foundation” to help people overcome depression. She gave a message that mental illness needs to be focused more. Her ability to fight back and never give up is what makes her a STRONG woman. It’s not that she was diagnosed with depression, it’s about the awareness she is spreading everyday through her foundation, social media and interviews.

“Never lose focus of what you want for yourself. People will try and pull you down. There might be things in your life which will deter your confidence. There might be days when you want to breakdown, there could be days when you feel like giving up. It’s extremely important to be emotionally strong and be focused. Do it your own way. And don’t be afraid of making mistakes.” – Deepika Padukone

Each and every one of them has been a spark, the inspiration and the motivation I needed to get through a tough time. In a world full of competition, I feel like we should do the opposite; to lift up others, celebrate their greatness and to be happy to just stand amongst them…….rather than aiming to be above. Acceptance is what we all need to focus more on.
Thank you to all the amazing women who read and support this blog, to the women who are part of my life in any way, I really hope I am not missing someone. Shine bright today and know that you are my heroes!

Love and Light.x.


25 thoughts on “5 Women Who Inspire Me!

  1. Nice post.

    For sure our moms are our first teachers and first role models alhamdulillah, rabbir hamhumma kama rabayani sagheera (aameen). But unfortunately many times people mention everyone but forget to mention them.

    I had no idea about that part of Deepika’s life!

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  2. Some of the women who inspire me are featured here and of course our mothers are our first and best inspiration. I follow Yasmin mogahed and think she is amazing too.Deepika comes from my hometown, used to adore these actresses earlier but then realized that there are many other women who are much better role models and truly inspirational, especially in our community such as Muniba Mazari.

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    1. Yes you are very right. But you know it’s not about the actors, it’s about one important aspect that makes them Inspiration for many. In Deepika’s case, it’s her struggle with depression & then not losing hope & she made a foundation to help people with mental illness so that’s why she inspires me to not lose hope. Muniba Mazari is my favorite ❤

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