Life sometimes can feel like a burden. Waking up early in the morning, doing same boring tasks each day, having bad days, not able to do what you want to do, all these things contribute towards feeling tired & bored. We need motivation, inspiration to feel good but we neglect the things around us. We ignore little things which are actually making us feel good everyday & they push us to do same boring tasks with hope that future is bright you know. We begin the day thinking about good times & we go to sleep thinking about the same thing but we never do any kind of effort actually to make our thinking better. We chase things that are not meant for us or the things we can’t have in our lives no matter how much we want them to be a part of ourselves, we can’t because that’s how it is- that’s how it’s written. Deep down we know that those things are not for us but still we don’t stop chasing them, you know why? The real reason behind all this is lack of gratitude. We don’t appreciate tiny things & then we end up chasing things that are not made for us. Sometimes we want to be happy but things don’t go as we like them to be and we feel like giving up but you know what we lack at that particular time? Gratitude. Yes gratitude is associated with happiness in a huge manner. If you will look at everything with that perspective, trust me you will be more happy everyday and it will be the real happiness. Try to live your life by filling gratitude in every way and that will lead to a positive lifestyle. Sadness will be replaced by happiness and confusion with clarity.

“Being grateful makes you happier.”

There’s so much to focus upon in our surroundings that can help us to be more thankful and less complaining. There are so many people with any home, job and even family and they don’t even have access to things that you have access to. They want to live a life like you do and YOU run after things that are not meant for you, that will destroy you but all you do is ignore that and keep on running. Sit down mate and think about what you are doing for yourself. Think about good times and if you can’t focus on positive things, pray to Allah and be thankful. This will make you a better person. Chase your dreams but don’t run after things that are not made for you but in order to live a luxurious life you run after them. Try to live in the moment and spread kindness like confetti!🌻

There’s a reason why I am writing specifically about gratitude because I feel really thankful to Allah and the reason is this is the month I decided to do what i wanted to do for a long time but couldn’t decide you know but now that it’s been a year, it really feels surreal. I am so happy that I am doing what I love doing other than studies and that is blogging. I made an account on wordpress 2 years ago and didn’t publish a single post because I wasn’t sure about it and then in April, 2017 I finally published my first blog post & now this one’s 31st post that I am going to publish…….phew I have come a long way. Hahaha. I just wanted to thank all of you, thank you for being with me on this journey and thankyou for always interacting on my posts and showing love, you know who you are. Thankyou so much, your support means alot. This couldn’t have been possible without you all. It’s been an amazing journey so far with fantastic experiences, collaborations and opportunities and also this whole journey has been a learning experience in a better way. The best part about all of this is that I feel happy and that I guess is the real achievement. Let’s end this post on a positive note and also my blogiversary will be on 13th and I will come back with a new post on that day so stay tuned!💗✨

“Do not wait. The time will never be ‘Just right.’ Start where you stand, and work with whatever tools you may have at your command, and better tools will be found AS YOU GO ALONG.”

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What are you grateful for? Also I am thinking of doing a Q/A so if you have any question, comment it down⬇

Love and light.x.


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