Second year of blogging and I decided to write a little different post from usual. Actually I love getting to know people more you know so I thought to share a little bit of my personal life with you all and what I do in a day, mostly it’s the same boring routine and on weekends I sleep so yeah nothing interesting but let’s just pretend that it’s fun. Everyday I learn new things and it’s just a great feeling that you are evolving and growing into a better person each day or at least I am trying to be. Everyday is an opportunity to spread kindness all around so we should make sure to practice this.
So okay, starting with my morning routine.

My Morning Routine:

First let me tell you all that I am not a morning person at all, although I want to be but don’t know why I am still struggling to wake up early in the morning. I start my morning waking up to the extremely irritating sound of alarm despite the fact that I always set alarm 15 minutes earlier from the actual time because I take that much time to get out of bed but still I hate it. I am glad this semester is in evening so I wake up at 9:45 and get out of bed at 10:00 and go straight to bathroom. After that I eat breakfast that mostly consist of a cup of tea, a piece of bread and boiled egg. After that I get ready for university and just apply ponds mosturizing lotion because it suits my skin alot and a lipstick is necessary just to look less sleepy you know, currently I am obsessing over Huda beauty mini pink edition. That’s it but sometimes I wear Maybelline’s Lash sensational mascara and seven cool highlighter. And then at 10:30 I run to the bus stop because I go to uni in the bus. I get ready in just 30 minutes, wow proud of myself. Haha. In the bus I check emails and social media quickly.

My Day Routine:

From 10:30 to 6:00 I spend all the time in university, basically I spend my day at uni and at the end of the day I get really tired. If you have good friends then trust me your time at the uni will be amazing and you will enjoy it otherwise uni is boring. Most people hate uni and that makes their lives more difficult because obviously you have to go and make assignments, attend lectures and prepare quizzes but if you will hate it, it will like a burden and you will always be angry and stressed. How I handle all this is just by making sure that whatever I am doing, I am enjoying it otherwise it’s useless. Even though I make assignments and prepare for all other stuff at the last moment but the thing is if you’ll start worrying about things from the start you’ll end up crazy, that’s how I see it.
Ok so finally at 6:30 I reach home happily.

My Night Routine:

After changing clothes, I eat something or just drink tea. Then I watch television(mostly news) or just scroll social media. Then I talk about how my day was with my mother and she tells me how her day was and then we decide what to eat for dinner and she cooks it. After eating dinner with my family, I wash the dishes. After that I do some uni work including assignments and preparing quizzes that sucks to be honest. Then if I have time, I continue reading the book that I was reading the day before. That’s it and oh also I apply almond oil, apricot oil from Nawab Organics on my face before going to bed because they are really good for the skin and specially for dark circles and acne. I am trying to sleep early but have not been succeeded so far.

And that’s it, a day in my life. Hope you enjoyed reading it.

Share yours in the comments section below.



13 thoughts on “A Day In My Life!

  1. My uni days would be walk, hostel life, speaking with clouds, sky, reading etc. These memories came in front of me while reading this. Maa shaa allah have a blessed lifr sisy

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  2. This brings back memories about my uni days, except I totally neglected my skin care regime 😦 But I think it’s great that you are able to help out at home and still maintain your studies xo


  3. Yeah, I did enjoy it actually. It’s surprising to see how much we really do when you see it written down


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