Ramadan is almost here like it’s just 10, 11 days away and I still have to do alot of things. Unlike last year I am trying to do all the extra things before Ramadan because I really want to focus more on myself in a spiritual way so by doing the things I am going to mention below, I feel like it will be very helpful and fasting will turn out to be really productive just like the way I want Insha Allah. So yesterday I wrote the “To-Do-List” and I thought I should share it with you all here as well because it might be helpful for you in preparing for the most BLESSED month, RAMADAN.


First things first. We(me, mother, sister) still have to do some cleaning like organizing fridge, kitchen, bedroom, carpets, cupboards and even entire apartment. It really gets tough in Ramadan if the house is not cleaned or things are not in their right place.
Next step is planning of meals. We are done with the grocery shopping but really need to organize you know by sorting out things and putting them in the right places. Make tomato, garlic, ginger pastes because these are used in almost every meal and it’ll be really helpful and most importantly time saving.


Most important thing is to shop your Eid outfit before Ramadan starts and this is what is on my to do list. I have planned to buy all the things before Ramadan because it’ll be less stressful. This way you will be able to save time for more important things like reading Quran.


Set yourself some goals for the blessed month and write it down. Mine include zero or less use of mobile/social media and to read more Quran and Islamic books related to Ramadan to make it more productive. Gonna add a list of all the easy ways I can earn some rewards you know.


I really want to focus more on reading Quran this Ramadan and to make it possible, I’ve made a routine and fixed some time for specially for it and by doing it, I feel like I will be able to give more time to it in Ramadan as well. We prepare for Ramadan by doing all the daily routine things but I guess what is more important is to prepare for it in a spiritual way you know and this is what I want to achieve. May Allah help me Insha Allah.


I really need to fix my sleeping schedule because as much as I love sleeping, I’ve to make a routine in order to manage time and make it more useful you know otherwise I really struggle alot in Ramadan as well which I don’t want to this time and I really hope I will be able to do this Insha Allah.

These are some things that are on my to do list before Ramadan and I have to do them in just a week. Not just physically but I have to prepare myself mentally, emotionally and spiritually for this great month. The Prophet(S.A.W) used to do alot of extra good deeds in Ramadan. He would pray more than usual, give more charity, pray the late night (Tarawih) prayers and seek the night of power.

Let’s work and make this Ramadan a more productive one which will be a source of inner peace for us all Insha Allah. Do remember me in your prayers!

Love & light✨


20 thoughts on “5 Ways To Prepare For Ramadan!

  1. Every year I say I will do my Eid shopping before Ramadan. I am one of those persons that do not like shopping. I will schedule it to the top of my list, hopefully, I will do it. Thanks for the tips.

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  2. Usually we get eid clothes in the last 10 days becoz as kids that’s how our parents gave us the excitement feel for the eid. Being in the west I am just learning the schedule this year and follow a plan do’s and don’t z the next year in shaa Allah

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  3. Your post is exactly what I needed to read at this point. I’ve been going through some transitions in life and unfortunately my Ramadan prep has gone completely out the window. I love the simple and important tips that you gave! Reading this gave me some hope that I can still have a productive Ramadan insha’Allah! 🙂

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