So I thought of sharing with you all everything about this Eid because I really enjoyed it like all the details so Starting with Chand raat, I spent Chand raat with all of my family at my hometown (Murree). It’s a northern area so weather was so so amazing and still is while I am writing this. Look at the pictures below.

It was the last iftar so we gathered at taya’s(brother of my father) house and enjoyed last iftar while talking about how this ramadan was the quickest one and remembering our parents who are in Saudi Arabia for Umrah and I missed them so much but they are coming back on Friday so I am pretty excited about that. Then we talked with them through internet and wished them Eid Mubarak. After eating dinner, i decided to get henna on my hands and my sisters and cousin joined in. My cousin knew how to do it so it was a fun thing to do. I love henna not always but on special occasions like Eid and on weddings. This is how it looked like✨

We talked and laughed so much while eating mangoes(my favorite). It’s such a nice feeling to catch up with your cousins on such occasions, trust me you feel so full, so full of life and you feel happy.

We got done with henna around 2:30 a.m and after that my sister just sorted the bangles which we planned to wear on Eid day. Henna and bangles are a must on Eid along with jhumkas because they give such a traditional look. Some of the best things about Eid is the excitement, the happy faces, catching up with family and yes mehendi and bangles as well.

And oh there was a chai session as well which took 20 minutes. Lol
So guys this is how I spent my Chand raat and slept at 3:30 a.m to wake up at 8 a.m again which by the way I didn’t. Haha.

Share in the comments below how you spent Chand raat, waiting waiting.

And also next post will be about Eid day so stay tuned! Lotsa love.



9 thoughts on “Chand Raat Story!

  1. Damn, the weather looks lovely! And cold 😁 I love the intricately designed henna as well. Everything about this post is just so beautiful. It’s a blessing to celebrate Eid with family.

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