Hope you enjoyed reading my Chand raat story. Now I am gonna share Eid story so please bear with me. I woke up at 9:30 a.m after ignoring the alarm at 8:00 a.m which I do often. The fasting feels were there as I didn’t think of eating breakfast but when my sister called me from kitchen, I realized oh Ramadan is over. After eating breakfast I just quickly helped in cleaning the kitchen and then I went straight to my room to get ready.

I got ready and waited for everyone else to get ready because then we planned to do photo session which is a must you know. Before eating meetha(which is a necessary thing on eid) we took alot of pictures and then ate custard, chaat and sawaiyan. Mostly we spend every eid at hometown because all my family lives here and those who don’t, they come specially for eid so whole day gets very busy as we have to go to every relative’s house one by one. We had our lunch at mamu’s place which included biryani(everyone’s favorite) then we went to phupho’s house and ate some more meetha and spent the whole evening there and after that we went to second mamu’s house and enjoyed so much because it rained and you all know how much I feel happy when it rains. We made some videos and laughed while watching them and after that dinner was ready, we just ate it. Basically Eid day one was all about eating and laughing and collecting Eidi(oh yasssss). Also by “we” I mean me, my sister, cousins. This was the last stop and then it was time to check and respond to messages. Over all it was an amazing and a busy day.

If I talk about second day of eid then it was almost the same accept it was in a reverse mode. Lol. Eating, laughing, talking and visiting continued. Third day was quite like i slept a lot and just stayed home but still in the evening I had to go to mamu’s place again. Overall not a boring Eid like we have mostly in cities where you just sleep all day and do nothing so basically spending Eid in village is quite good.
On the fourth day(which is not an eid day like Eid over type scene) I along with my cousins planned a trip to main Murree, Mall Road which is quite a busy place just to eat pizza and have fun yeah so we had a fun day and we arrived back at 9:00 p.m.

That’s all about my Eid story. Tell me yours in the comments below 💜



2 thoughts on “Eid Story!

  1. Quite a enthralling day MashaAllah. But do remember the fazr prayer, but you know shayateen is so malevolent that just tricks us away to slumber. Really, I want to nail that Satan in the coffin.
    Nevertheless, the food the sweets and streets looked fab, a visual delight.

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