I am so excited to share with you all that I am starting my first ever blog posts series here and it’s “No Filter Me”, I’ve been working on this since past one week and just decided to announce it now and write a brief introductory post first. How great it would be to talk about life without filters? We need to talk about that. We all have the ability to lovingly express ourselves to others and to speak our truth. Nobody should be ashamed to share what they go through everyday. Talk about it, talk about your fears, your struggles, talk about all of it.
This series will be all about the posts that will include the stories of real self, the one which we don’t show up on social media usually and the one which has seen the struggles whether you’ve overcome those hardships or you still are struggling you know, I will share those stories of real hard work, determination and stuff that will help us all. There’s a story that every person wants to tell, a story of his real self which many people don’t know and a story of how he’s what he’s. What are the struggles that one goes through on everyday basis or the bigger ones that he fought with. I will share the stories of bloggers as well as other people who have a story to tell just to inspire or motivate others. I think in this world of social media we often forget who we are, what are our roots and it’s very important to discuss that so basically that’s the whole idea. To be able to bring some positivity, inspiration in your life. Those struggles can be related to body shaming, bullying, skin issues and whatever little the issue is, the point is to share what you go through in your life regardless of how famous you are on social media. This series will inspire you, so feel free to email me at usranaeem1997@gmail.com if you think you have something to tell. I would love to feature you on my blog. First post of this series will be coming very very soon, until then stay tuned.

Life with filters look beautiful but all the efforts and behind the scenes makes it all worth it.

The purpose is to inspire but on the same note, to tell others that life is not easy and everyone has to go through some of the challenges which makes him who he is. It’s exactly like when we see a picture with the hashtag ‘no filter’, we think it’s beautiful. Actually life without filter is beautiful and pretty amazing despite all the difficulties. Life is a journey of happiness, crying, love, hate and all the emotions combined together, it’s a journey to explore ourselves and the world around us and whenever some kind of barrier comes in the way, you realize how strong are you. You just need to sit down, plan and overcome it with that big smile on your face you know.

Waiting for your response. Email me now at usranaeem1997@gmail.com

Let’s share the stories without filter!

And oh I would suggest bringing a cup of coffee/chai.

This featured image is by my friend Mariam, follow her on Instagram



12 thoughts on ““No Filter Me” – A New Series!

  1. Oh my God! Its amazing 😍 I cant wait to get this magic shower of beautiful words by you Yousra! This idea is very rare and very unique. I myself is working on the same idea of plagiarism in daily life. I hope youd like that as well. Stay blessed girl and do amaze us as you do everyday💟

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  2. LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! This is such an amazing idea! The effect of social media has been detrimental to so many people. The focus on how many likes, followers, posts one has can take a toll. It would be wonderful to read real life stories, see the lives of “normal” regular, everyday people… talk about the real issues and struggles. Behind those filtered “beautiful”/happy stories are many depressed/lonely individuals. I’ve always thought about someone portraying such unfiltered stories, and you have opened the opportunity for that 🙂 Best luck with this new project, and I will definitely be contacting you with my “no filtered” personal story InshaAllah!

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