Garnier BB Cream Review!

Product: Garnier BB cream
Rating: 4/5
Price: Rs. 699

I got so many messages on instagram to review a BB cream so I posted a poll between Fair & lovely one & Garnier one and I got 60% votes for Garnier BB cream. As I was already using it so I thought I should share what I feel about it and is it worth spending money or not.

I don’t use foundation so when the BB cream was launched I was bit confused that should I give it a try or not because I didn’t want anything to make my skin worse and that is the reason I don’t experiment with different products. Finally I bought it because my friends were using it and they actually asked me to buy it and to be honest, it didn’t disappoint. Now I am a fan of it. Lol
I don’t use it regularly but if there is an event in university or a day out with friends then Garnier BB cream is what I go for. Also I have a dry skin like really really dry and I guess that’s the reason Fair & Lovely BB cream didn’t work for me. Garnier one suits my skin alot.

I have listed all the benefits of it below but please keep in mind that always use a good mosturizer before using BB cream. It’s not like very expensive considering the size of it because literally one little drop is enough for your whole face. It’s not cakey & that is why I love it because it gives you a complete natural look without looking like dead. Put on some mascara, blush on and maybe some highlighter and hey, you are ready to shine.
– It offers UV SPF 15 protection & that’s a plus point for me.
– It is available in light, extra light & medium
– Important thing is that it evens complextion, corrects blemishes.
– Easy to blend with natural finish.

I would really recommend this to you all. I hope this review will be helpful for you all. Do let me know what should I review next.



December Favorites!

Hi everyone. Hope you guys are doing good & hope that you all had amazing holidays. I was not able to post here consistently because of finals (not a great start to new year) but holidays just started and I wanted to post the list of my favorites at the end of every month but due to some reasons I couldn’t do that and now i thought no matter what I am going to post a list of my favorite things so without any delay, let me show you guys what are those things(Mmmm more about beauty products)Haha

  • Huda beauty-mini pink edition

I wanted to buy huda beauty matte lip glosses for a while and finally I bought it from
I like different shades of pink so I ordered mini pink edition & currently I am obsessed with the ‘gossip gurl’ one. It had 4 shades including gossip gurl, trophy wife, icon & socialite. Being a university student you have to wear lipsticks often & I would highly recommend this if you don’t want to look extra. The shades are beautiful & I like the matte feel of these lipglosses. They are not very long lasting but still better than many. If you want me to review them then let me know.

  • Maybelline’s Mascara & pencil

Now who doesn’t love this mascara by Maybelline? Maybelline products are my favorite & this is one of them. This gives a good volume to lashes & has a great effect.

“A little bit mascara, a lotta bit of confidence”

Mac compact powder

This one really surprised me. It is 5 in 1 like it has 5 different shades for every skin type or you can say it depends which you want to apply. I really like the BB one though.

Seven cool highlighter

This is the first time I am using this highlighter & it’s very good. It blends flawlessly into the skin. Plus point is that it gives a natural glow without looking cakey.

So that’s all about the things I bought. I will be posting another post shortly so don’t forget to sign up.

Ending this post on this motivational note, “Do something everyday that brings you closer to your goals”

Love & light.x.