Interview With Writer And Blogger Papatia Feauxzar!

I wanted to interview an author who’s not just famous but is also an inspiration. She’s a true symbol of hardwork and determination. She’s none other than Papatia Feauxzar. Papatia is an accountant working from home but also a writer and blogger. I am so happy that my first interview for this blog is with her. Her book “The Ducktrinors” will be out tomorrow so let’s see what she has to say about that and also she’s Amazon’s best selling author.

1) For those who are unfamiliar, can you tell us about you and your books?

I’m a tiny African and American Muslim woman originally from Ivory Coast with big dreams (. Papatia Feauxzar is my pen name as I have mixed feelings about being known. I believe it comes with problems I rather opt out of. That said, every now then, I don’t mind showing my face before going back into hiding. So simply said, I like staying a mystery and let my works speak for themselves because there is a subtle underlying issue I try to get across for those who pick up on those tidbits. Finally, my name embodies my African, French, and American heritage. A lot of thoughts went into picking the name. Thus, it’s not exotic as people might think.
I write in many genres; children, YA, Contemporary Women Fiction, Romance—my expertise, and non-fiction.
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2) What inspires you to write?

My inspirations come from reading the stories of the early righteous, my personal experiences, and the deen pretty much.

3) When did you first realize that you wanted to be a writer?

Writing has always been a passion that I decided to explore deeper after my son came in the picture. It allows me to be home with him. I have been writing since my early teen years but a lot of my works are lost, burnt, or with friends continents away with whom I have lost contact years ago. So in all, I have been writing over 15 years and listening to my djeli (storyteller) elders for over thirty years. They are oral storytellers and I’m one with a pen alhamdullilah.

4) What kind of books have fortified you as a writer?

Many books have; Islamic books, African books, secular books, romance books, sci-fi books, school books, thriller books pretty much. I don’t discrimate to be honest. I read all types of books and blend all the types to come up with a unique story. A diversified story usually strikes a cord with adventure-seeking readers alhamdullilah.

5) Do you feel there is more of a sense of community with self publishing then there is with traditional publishing? How important do you think interacting with your fans has been?

Djarabi Kitabs Publishing is a traditional publisher. Our business model is keen on supporting the authors within our publishing house and the oustanding ones we spot outside who are often self-published. They also, in turn, help us when they can. The experience has been genuine and supportive so far alhamdullilah.

6) When do you find time to write? Does this differ from when you first started writing your first novel?

Anytime I spot an opportunity of free time, I jump on it. I disregard my excuses and get to penning the stories in my head masha’Allah. The truth is we will always be tired, busy, etc. Make time. Don’t find time. Make time.
Yea, definitely. In the early years of my professional writing career, I used to have a desk job and a nanny. During down time, I will hone my craft and write the stories that came to me. Now, I have to find time time at the edges of the day when the baby is asleep or playing for a quick minute. I really have to shedule my writing around him and still be there for him at all times alhamdullilah.

7) The main character in The Ducktrinors series revolves around strength. What is that thing which inspired you to write a strong character like Hanifa?

I actually had a vivid dream in which I was Hanifa and Sylas was a bully trying to make people follow him and bow to him. I stood up for myself and many people lauded my boldness. Upon waking up, I decided to write the short story. Later, I expanded it alhamdullilah and now we have two books in the series subhannallah.

8) What’s the best book you have read recently? And who is your favorite author?

The best book I’ve read recently is by The Lei Crime Series: Violence in Vegas by Julie C. Gilbert . I don’t have a favorite author. I’m weird that way. But if I had to name one at the expense of coming off corny, it would be Allah subhanallahu wa ta ala because He’s the Greatest Author and Storyteller there is!

9) Can you tell us anything about your upcoming projects?

I’m working on two children’s books and the third book in The Ducktrinors series alhamdullilah. Duas requested (.

10) Finally, any advice for new writers?

Take help given to you by strangers at face value. Opportunities don’t knock twice. They disappear fast. Please check my blog Between Sisters, SVP! for additional and compelling writing and publishing tips. Thank you for the interview.

Thankyou for your time Papatia, really looking forward to tomorrow. Wish you good luck.

I really hope you guys enjoyed this interview.

Love & light.x.