10 Things I Can’t Live Without!

Hi everyone. I really really hope that you all are doing good. Since I don’t post too many personal posts here and to be honest I don’t like writing about personal stuff here but months ago I did a Q/A session on Instagram and there somebody asked me “what are the things you can’t live without?” and I noted this question in my notebook and now after don’t know how many days, that specific question caught my eye again and I just thought okay let’s write a post on it because it’ll be quite fun not just for me to write but for readers as well.

Here are 10 things that I can’t live without, things that are essential you know!


Yes I know family is not a “thing” specifically but trust me I can’t imagine my life without my parents, siblings. I had to live 20 days without my parents and nobody knew what was going inside me. Nobody could see the pain but only me. It felt so hard at that time that I used to cry at night when nobody was watching. Me and my sister used to discuss how parents mean so much to us and how can people actually live without them. Okay seriously life’s nothing without them so yes number one has to be my family.


Next is my friends because they are an essential part of my life as well. Not every friend but most loyal ones, specially those who know everything about you from the start and know who you are. You don’t have to describe yourself you know……..for me those are my school friends. We are still in touch and they are my best friends. Can’t imagine my life without them. Special mention for them—- Sana, Ayesha, Zarbakht, Maha and to everyone else, I love you guys. OK?
Also I have this ability to make friends easily and then I don’t wanna lose them ever like everrrrr but you know what my first impression is always rude, arrogant etc etc. God knows whyyyyyyy.


Oh yes…….books. Another essential. My love for books is very old but the fact that it has evolved over the years is so much satisfying, ah my true love. Books have taught me so much. I have cried, laughed, imagine and what not just because of books. It’s a WHOLE journey and these days I am free because vacations so everyday either I am reading or eating, that’s it. Nothing more, nothing less. Somebody asked, “what makes you happy?” and without even thinking I said books and food and I can’t explain how true is this.


I have not talked about it much but I am really really passionate about blogging and that is why I call it my “happy place”,
I never knew that I would be saying this but actually it’s true. Writing your idea on the paper and figuring out things and when you finally hit that publish button you feel free, that feeling is undescribable. I love what I am doing and can’t wait to share more with you all. Thank you for showering me with so much love. I hope I’ll be able to continue making you all happy.


Actually it’s not a must but sometimes I feel like it’s necessary because you stay connected to the world. Now that I check emails and blog from phone, I feel like it’s essential. Also not to forget, my public Instagram account. You have to post everyday and as a blogger you have to post stories and keep your followers updated because otherwise there will be no growth in terms of new followers or engagement on your posts so yes it’s really important for me now then it was before. Another reason is that I use my phone to take pictures and I love taking pictures specially of sky, food and all things nature so yeah.

6) TEA

I am not someone who’s addicted to tea but i can’t function without it aswell like I don’t know how to explain it but I really want it in the morning. No good morning is better than the one that a cup of tea says. So it’s like hey, I can’t live without ya! Wait let me elaborate it more and I find it so relatable,

” If you’re cold, tea will warm you; if you’re too heated, it will cool you; if you’re depressed, it will cheer you; if you are excited, it will calm you.”


You talk to people daily but you can’t call every conversation fun and nice. You are getting it right? Everyday you need someone to talk to about random things, about life and you feel like if that’ll not happen, you’ll explode. That’s exactly what I go through. Whenever I feel like I just talk to my mother about life and blah blah blah but mostly i text my friend because she has amazing sense of humor (which helps actually) , she has that ability to continue what you are talking about so it gets better and better. Sometimes all you want is a light, fun conversation and nothing else. You feel me? Anyways moving to the next……


Can you live without positivity? I can’t. It can be in any form. A positive thought, a positive message, quote like anything which reminds you of who you are. This is certainly one of the ten things I can’t live without like maybe i’ll be able to breathe but I would be dead inside without it.


Escape, something we all do in whatever way but we do. Maybe not everyday but it’s very necessary to just sit down and plan. It can be in the form of painting, reading, watching, anything that can be escape from everyday life in a good way. Some me time maybe which is necessary in order to get your mind off from all the hustle and bustle happening around.


Well I can’t think of anything else and at the same time I can’t miss food and sleep because guys i can’t live without these not because I am a human being but because I love love love eating and sleeping. I don’t sleep because I get tired, I sleep because I love it. You feel me? And same is the case with food, good food is something that I live for and I am sure you all can relate to it aswell. All I do is eat, sleep and read these days and let me tell you I am a pro at it. Yo!

That’s it. These are the 10 things that i can’t live without. I really hope you guys enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Tell me yours in the comments below. I’m waiting 💜 lotsa love.



Eid Story!

Hope you enjoyed reading my Chand raat story. Now I am gonna share Eid story so please bear with me. I woke up at 9:30 a.m after ignoring the alarm at 8:00 a.m which I do often. The fasting feels were there as I didn’t think of eating breakfast but when my sister called me from kitchen, I realized oh Ramadan is over. After eating breakfast I just quickly helped in cleaning the kitchen and then I went straight to my room to get ready.

I got ready and waited for everyone else to get ready because then we planned to do photo session which is a must you know. Before eating meetha(which is a necessary thing on eid) we took alot of pictures and then ate custard, chaat and sawaiyan. Mostly we spend every eid at hometown because all my family lives here and those who don’t, they come specially for eid so whole day gets very busy as we have to go to every relative’s house one by one. We had our lunch at mamu’s place which included biryani(everyone’s favorite) then we went to phupho’s house and ate some more meetha and spent the whole evening there and after that we went to second mamu’s house and enjoyed so much because it rained and you all know how much I feel happy when it rains. We made some videos and laughed while watching them and after that dinner was ready, we just ate it. Basically Eid day one was all about eating and laughing and collecting Eidi(oh yasssss). Also by “we” I mean me, my sister, cousins. This was the last stop and then it was time to check and respond to messages. Over all it was an amazing and a busy day.

If I talk about second day of eid then it was almost the same accept it was in a reverse mode. Lol. Eating, laughing, talking and visiting continued. Third day was quite like i slept a lot and just stayed home but still in the evening I had to go to mamu’s place again. Overall not a boring Eid like we have mostly in cities where you just sleep all day and do nothing so basically spending Eid in village is quite good.
On the fourth day(which is not an eid day like Eid over type scene) I along with my cousins planned a trip to main Murree, Mall Road which is quite a busy place just to eat pizza and have fun yeah so we had a fun day and we arrived back at 9:00 p.m.

That’s all about my Eid story. Tell me yours in the comments below 💜


A letter to my 21 years old self!

Dear 21 year old self,

Congrats! You’ve made it to twenty one like where did all the time go?
Anyways I hope by now you have realized that everything is always going to be alright. You are being thrown into some of the greatest years of your life. There is so much that happens during your twenties, so hold on tight, you’re in for quite a ride!
To be honest your teenage years were cool but you spent a lot of them unsure of yourself. You didn’t know what to do. Growing up always scare you because you wanted time to slow down & I know you must be thinking right now where did all the time go but trust me there’s nothing to be scared about. You are scared that your dreams will be shattered or you won’t be able to do what you want to do but the thing is you have to trust & love yourself first. Don’t care about what other people think about you, keep doing what you love. You will change your mind alot but things will fall into place. These early years are meant for discovering your passions and isolate your dislikes. Trust your instincts but continue to work hard. I know it doesn’t seem like it, but you have so much more privilege than you have any clue about. Practice gratitude every single day.

Life is complicated and full of opportunities but no one is going to tell you how to get to where you want to be. We all have different paths to take and figure things out in our own ways. You’re 21 and have the rest of your life ahead of you. Think about it……..in your twenties you will graduate and you will be thrown into the real world. Okay let’s be real, that sounds absolutely crazy but it’s true. I want you to get excited because this day symbolizes the door to your future, your life and your life is what you make of it.

Right now, right this second, you are your youngest self. With this being said, I want you to to understand few things, and realize that you have the power to achieve what you want. You have to hold on to your dreams and never let them go. You have to be selfish during these years because focusing on yourself and figuring out what you want is so important. Find people who who appreciate you for your originality and never let them go. Never forget the importance of your family…….always keep them close to your heart. Stay humble by constantly reminding yourself of your roots.

There is one last thing that you need to promise yourself, something that is so important for your mental and emotional well being. Always stay strong and independent, as cliché as it sounds. You are incredibly smart and capable of supporting yourself and there’s so much pride that is attached to that. I want you to be the best possible version of yourself.
Just never lose sight of your strength and how amazing you are because it will be so rewarding to you in the end.

Get excited……. there’s so much to look forward to.

With love,


Love and light.x.

5 Ways To Prepare For Ramadan!

Ramadan is almost here like it’s just 10, 11 days away and I still have to do alot of things. Unlike last year I am trying to do all the extra things before Ramadan because I really want to focus more on myself in a spiritual way so by doing the things I am going to mention below, I feel like it will be very helpful and fasting will turn out to be really productive just like the way I want Insha Allah. So yesterday I wrote the “To-Do-List” and I thought I should share it with you all here as well because it might be helpful for you in preparing for the most BLESSED month, RAMADAN.


First things first. We(me, mother, sister) still have to do some cleaning like organizing fridge, kitchen, bedroom, carpets, cupboards and even entire apartment. It really gets tough in Ramadan if the house is not cleaned or things are not in their right place.
Next step is planning of meals. We are done with the grocery shopping but really need to organize you know by sorting out things and putting them in the right places. Make tomato, garlic, ginger pastes because these are used in almost every meal and it’ll be really helpful and most importantly time saving.


Most important thing is to shop your Eid outfit before Ramadan starts and this is what is on my to do list. I have planned to buy all the things before Ramadan because it’ll be less stressful. This way you will be able to save time for more important things like reading Quran.


Set yourself some goals for the blessed month and write it down. Mine include zero or less use of mobile/social media and to read more Quran and Islamic books related to Ramadan to make it more productive. Gonna add a list of all the easy ways I can earn some rewards you know.


I really want to focus more on reading Quran this Ramadan and to make it possible, I’ve made a routine and fixed some time for specially for it and by doing it, I feel like I will be able to give more time to it in Ramadan as well. We prepare for Ramadan by doing all the daily routine things but I guess what is more important is to prepare for it in a spiritual way you know and this is what I want to achieve. May Allah help me Insha Allah.


I really need to fix my sleeping schedule because as much as I love sleeping, I’ve to make a routine in order to manage time and make it more useful you know otherwise I really struggle alot in Ramadan as well which I don’t want to this time and I really hope I will be able to do this Insha Allah.

These are some things that are on my to do list before Ramadan and I have to do them in just a week. Not just physically but I have to prepare myself mentally, emotionally and spiritually for this great month. The Prophet(S.A.W) used to do alot of extra good deeds in Ramadan. He would pray more than usual, give more charity, pray the late night (Tarawih) prayers and seek the night of power.

Let’s work and make this Ramadan a more productive one which will be a source of inner peace for us all Insha Allah. Do remember me in your prayers!

Love & light✨

A Day In My Life!

Second year of blogging and I decided to write a little different post from usual. Actually I love getting to know people more you know so I thought to share a little bit of my personal life with you all and what I do in a day, mostly it’s the same boring routine and on weekends I sleep so yeah nothing interesting but let’s just pretend that it’s fun. Everyday I learn new things and it’s just a great feeling that you are evolving and growing into a better person each day or at least I am trying to be. Everyday is an opportunity to spread kindness all around so we should make sure to practice this.
So okay, starting with my morning routine.

My Morning Routine:

First let me tell you all that I am not a morning person at all, although I want to be but don’t know why I am still struggling to wake up early in the morning. I start my morning waking up to the extremely irritating sound of alarm despite the fact that I always set alarm 15 minutes earlier from the actual time because I take that much time to get out of bed but still I hate it. I am glad this semester is in evening so I wake up at 9:45 and get out of bed at 10:00 and go straight to bathroom. After that I eat breakfast that mostly consist of a cup of tea, a piece of bread and boiled egg. After that I get ready for university and just apply ponds mosturizing lotion because it suits my skin alot and a lipstick is necessary just to look less sleepy you know, currently I am obsessing over Huda beauty mini pink edition. That’s it but sometimes I wear Maybelline’s Lash sensational mascara and seven cool highlighter. And then at 10:30 I run to the bus stop because I go to uni in the bus. I get ready in just 30 minutes, wow proud of myself. Haha. In the bus I check emails and social media quickly.

My Day Routine:

From 10:30 to 6:00 I spend all the time in university, basically I spend my day at uni and at the end of the day I get really tired. If you have good friends then trust me your time at the uni will be amazing and you will enjoy it otherwise uni is boring. Most people hate uni and that makes their lives more difficult because obviously you have to go and make assignments, attend lectures and prepare quizzes but if you will hate it, it will like a burden and you will always be angry and stressed. How I handle all this is just by making sure that whatever I am doing, I am enjoying it otherwise it’s useless. Even though I make assignments and prepare for all other stuff at the last moment but the thing is if you’ll start worrying about things from the start you’ll end up crazy, that’s how I see it.
Ok so finally at 6:30 I reach home happily.

My Night Routine:

After changing clothes, I eat something or just drink tea. Then I watch television(mostly news) or just scroll social media. Then I talk about how my day was with my mother and she tells me how her day was and then we decide what to eat for dinner and she cooks it. After eating dinner with my family, I wash the dishes. After that I do some uni work including assignments and preparing quizzes that sucks to be honest. Then if I have time, I continue reading the book that I was reading the day before. That’s it and oh also I apply almond oil, apricot oil from Nawab Organics on my face before going to bed because they are really good for the skin and specially for dark circles and acne. I am trying to sleep early but have not been succeeded so far.

And that’s it, a day in my life. Hope you enjoyed reading it.

Share yours in the comments section below.


My Spring Bucket List!

Spring is right around the corner – no really, it’s here. Signs of spring’s arrival have been popping up for a couple of weeks – warmer weather, flowers blossoming. I love spring season because it gives positive vibes and really want to enjoy it this time and for that particular reason I made a to-do-list in order to keep this whole thing interesting (I don’t usually make lists but this time I made it) and I really hope I will be able to enjoy this season as much as I can.
Without any further delay let me share with you all my bucket list for spring season…..

“Spring a lovely reminder of how beautiful change can truly be.”

1) Plant Flowers

I would really like to plant some flowers because I love them like who doesn’t?
I love seeing things grow and what better time to start planting than spring so yeah I have a plan for that. Let’s see how it turns out to be.

2) Go Hiking with My Squad

Me and my friends are planning to go on a hiking trip and I cannot wait to go and enjoy with my squad. Spring season is the best because weather is moderate and also you feel fresh by just seeing some flowers around you. If you live in Islamabad then you would most probably know about Hiking trails that are famous for hiking. Not a big fan of hiking but I guess with friends you enjoy alot so yes looking forward to some fun.

3) Read More Books

I love reading books as you all know and I just made a list of some new books that I will be reading in coming days because I still have to buy them. Any book suggestions?

4) Exercise Everyday

This is the thing that I am really struggling with lately because I am not a morning person and waking up early in the morning is very difficult for me and that’s the major reason I am unable to do it on daily basis but I am trying guys and will get there slowly.

5) Try a New Recipe Every Month

I also like trying new things so I cannot wait to try new recipes. Cooking is not a passion for me but I really enjoy it when it comes to cooking good food so yeah and oh I still have to search new recipes.

6) Wear Spring Colors

Spring is all about bright and vibrant colors and I cannot wait to buy new clothes and shoes and be extra this season. Lol
Which is your favorite color?

7) Smile, Laugh & Relax

And this is actually very important just to complete everything on time and to feel happy about what I do you know. It’s all about taking out time for yourself. Whether it’s a haircut, 8 hours sleep a day, cooking just for yourself, reading books or like anything which makes you relax. So yes i have to focus on this and will have to take time out for myself.

I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it. Donot forget to follow me on Instagram because I will be sharing stuff about spring 🌻

What is on your bucket list this season? Tell me in the comments below.

Love & Light. xoxo.