Garnier BB Cream Review!

Product: Garnier BB cream
Rating: 4/5
Price: Rs. 699

I got so many messages on instagram to review a BB cream so I posted a poll between Fair & lovely one & Garnier one and I got 60% votes for Garnier BB cream. As I was already using it so I thought I should share what I feel about it and is it worth spending money or not.

I don’t use foundation so when the BB cream was launched I was bit confused that should I give it a try or not because I didn’t want anything to make my skin worse and that is the reason I don’t experiment with different products. Finally I bought it because my friends were using it and they actually asked me to buy it and to be honest, it didn’t disappoint. Now I am a fan of it. Lol
I don’t use it regularly but if there is an event in university or a day out with friends then Garnier BB cream is what I go for. Also I have a dry skin like really really dry and I guess that’s the reason Fair & Lovely BB cream didn’t work for me. Garnier one suits my skin alot.

I have listed all the benefits of it below but please keep in mind that always use a good mosturizer before using BB cream. It’s not like very expensive considering the size of it because literally one little drop is enough for your whole face. It’s not cakey & that is why I love it because it gives you a complete natural look without looking like dead. Put on some mascara, blush on and maybe some highlighter and hey, you are ready to shine.
– It offers UV SPF 15 protection & that’s a plus point for me.
– It is available in light, extra light & medium
– Important thing is that it evens complextion, corrects blemishes.
– Easy to blend with natural finish.

I would really recommend this to you all. I hope this review will be helpful for you all. Do let me know what should I review next.



NAWAB- All Things Organic!

Healthy eating and healthy lifestyle is becoming a necessity day by day because not only it improves your physical health but it also has diverse affects on your mental health as well. In Pakistan there may be companies offering organic products but I have never came across any company on social media before that’s why I was really surprised when I got to know about Nawab and how they aim to provide better and replaceable options to people that are worth using. So I received a package of all NATURAL products from Nawab. It’s really kind of them to send me their amazing products thought I should share what I got and how can we use these products. Plus 1000 points for packaging because everything was packed nicely, these bottles & jars are too cute. It’s been quite a few days since I received the package, the reason I didn’t share it immediately with all of you is that I wanted to use specially the oils on my skin and hair first as I didn’t use any of the them before. I am so happy to tell you all that all the products I tried gave me amazing results and didn’t disappoint me. Plus they have given every product a unique name like Catchy coconut oil, Striking sesame oil and I really liked this because this makes Nawab products unique in their own way!
So yeah let’s get started without any further delay!


I love all things sweet and me and my brother ate all of it immediately and I must say it was really good. Made from brown sugar and mixed nuts, it really has the ability to fulfill your sweet cravings without getting worry about things like am I eating a right thing? Or oh I shouldn’t have eaten that much sweet or if you are on a diet then this I would really recommend. It’s price is really cheap so you can get it in on your footsteps by just sending a message.

If you want to order then all the details are provided at the end of this post.


I have never used apricot oil before so I wanted to use it on my skin first & then share the results with you all. I have a sensitive, dry skin so it really worked for me. It didn’t remove acne but it really made my skin more glowing. It’s a great mosturizer as well because skin quickly absorbs it. You can make a face mask too if you want. Don’t expect overnight results. Try it at least for a week to see positive results.


Like every oil it also has numerous benefits. It is known as “Natural Makeup Remover” Just a small dab of coconut oil will make it easy for you to remove your makeup. Bonus point is that it will not create any irritation.
It can be used as cheekbone highlighter. Yes guys try it to believe it. Haha. It improves energy and burns fat so you can use it in smoothie too, I have to try that so I don’t know the results.


This is a really beneficial oil. You can use it in cooking, on your skin, hair etc. I read on internet that it helps your body relax & make you sleep better if you massage it on your foot so I did that and I was surprised because it’s true guys. It helps you feel good. Give it a try whenever you feel like you are tired and you are unable to do anything.


Many people recommended me this oil to control hairfall so I tried it & I actually can feel the difference. It’s different from other oils as it’s non sticky. Being a light, non-sticky oil, it helps nourish the hair roots and makes them strong. Other benefits are that it adds shine, treats split ends, and it has natural SPF 5.


I searched about it and I was really surprised to see so many people using it and found unique recipes that I will be sharing with you guys. What makes this rice really beneficial is that it is gluten free, full of fibre, maintain healthy weight, normalizes cholesterol and is good for heart.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post. Donot forget to order these products from NAWAB. The best thing about this company is that they provide natural products with very affordable prices.

There was a little towel and a bag included in the package too. Thank you so much Nawab for sending these 100% Natural Products.


I don’t review or write about anything which I haven’t used so I wrote all of this with complete honesty and after using each and every thing.

You can get more information about them on Facebook and Instagram

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Love & light.x.✨

Hidden Pearls – Hijab Review!

Sometimes you can forget the importance of a hijab. Yet for a Muslim it’s the centre of their world. Hidden Pearls reflects this brilliantly, for them a hijab is not just about selling but also about being. This is reflected by how they sell a variety of Hijabs, Hijab Pins, Handbags/Purses and various types of Islamic gifts including Eid Gifts which all tie in together making moments extra special for women around the world. 
Guys ‘ Hidden Pearls’ is one stop where you can buy what you want without worrying about it’s quality, price and delivery issues. Yes that’s right. 
Hidden Pearls is a UK based online store started in January, 2015 that ships their products worldwide. They are selling great quality products to their customers without having the high end price attached to them. From bags to hijaabs and from gifts to clothing, you can choose from a vast variety at very affordable price.

The idea behind this business is that people should get quality products with affordable prices at one stop. According to them ” We noticed that getting hijaabs was a problem beyond belief. Just trying to hit the shops we would be quoted with ridiculous prices, and for something we wanted to wear everyday it seemed unfair that we should be paying that price.”

In UK they didn’t find good quality hijabs at reasonable price so they started their own business to help woman who are going through same situation. I am so inspired by this because you know taking out time from your hectic schedule just to help someone else is incredible. 

I feel so lucky that they sent me 2 hijabs, one from  Chiffon Collection    and the other one from  Pearl Lace Collection  

I love wearing hijabs so whenever I go out, I have to wear different hijabs according to the situation like whether it’s matching with the outfit or is it suitable for the hot weather or any other situation. But I am so glad that the quality of these hijabs is so good plus I loved the colors as they are not too bright and I can wear them with light colored outfits. Also comfort factor is really really important for me. If I don’t feel comfortable while wearing a hijab then it’ll not work for me but I am so happy that these hijabs have that factor and you can easily wear them without any worry.

This one is from  Chiffon Collection  and it’s light in weight and is easy to wear and is good if you’re going out and the heat is unbearable.

And this one is from  Pearl Lace Collection which adds a ‘modest’ element to the hijab and is definitely stunning. It’s not too much overloaded with the pearls that’s what I like personally. If you like fancy hijabs then you must have to buy from this collection.

Their hijab varieties include several types of Plain Hijabs, Crinkle, Chiffon, Jersey, Pom Pom, Turkish, Shimmer, Multi tone & Ombre, Silk, Floral, Polka Dot, Butterfly, Leopard Print, Pearl, Lace, Ribbon, Diamante and even Glitter Rose Hijabs. By the way, this list is by no means exhaustive! For that, you would have to checkout their Hijabs yourself. They easily have the largest collection of Hijabs & Hijab Pins amongst the hijab shops in the whole of UK. They have also recently added some beautiful varieties of Islamic Gifts in their shops as well. You would have seen thousands of different types of Christmas, Easter and New Year gifts but it is difficult to find good affordable eid gifts online! Check their Website for more information.

Yet for a Muslim a beautiful and thoughtful gift could mean so much and as the years pass by, offer a tangible reminder of thoughtfulness and connection, which is a Sunnah in Islam. Hidden Pearls is doing a regular & deluxe box which offers a beautiful hijab (2 in the Deluxe box) from their luxury collection, you get a set of gorgeous hijab pins and an everyday essential hijab bonnet or ninja cap! Along with this you would get additional items in your box ranging from chocolates, pretty earrings, a bow and other really nice stuff! Hidden Pearls is on the road to improving the Muslim gift market! 
Finally, the products are gorgeously presented in a black box for regular and ivory for large and tied off with a stunning satin ribbon. Check out their regular and deluxe boxes at Hidden Pearls under Islamic Gifts  for Herand Eid Gifts. This gift range will soon be expanding! Hidden Pearls are also getting ready to launch Eid Presents for Kids so keep your eyes open guys!

Also they have Amazing offers for all of you & for that you have to check their website ,  Instagram and  Facebook

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Review Of A Gratitude Journal-Alhamdulillah For Series!

There’s nothing quite like taking the wrapping off a newly arrived postage-delivery to find something truly beautiful, something exciting. Few months ago a Muslim Gratitude Journal came in the mail & guess what it was #AlhamdulillahForSeries gratitude journal by AYEINA. I was so happy & now that I’ve started blogging so I thought that I should write a review of it. Also it’s my first review everything so I am quite nervous actually!

Gratitude is so important in our lives to feel good & stay positive. Gratitude turns what we have into enough. When we start writing what we are thankful for, We feel so good because there are so many little things we should be thankful for in our lives. Allah will increase the things that we are grateful for as you have seen the Beautiful ayah written in the picture above. Feel good and think positive by showing gratitude 🌟

So I believe this is a great work by the talented sisters behind Ayeina who are complete inspiration for all of us. This is the first ever Muslim Gratitude Journal and May Allah  reward team Ayeina for starting this and now it’s  very popular Alhamdulillah 💕

Recently a Gratitude Caption Contest was held on Instagram and Facebook and I can’t explain how beautiful the enteries were. So deep and behind every entry there was a story. This was such a great initiative by Ayeina and there is another good news that contest for children below 13 years old is going to start from 5th of May. A great news actually for all the children out there.

Now let me tell you about the journal!

So okay,

This is how the Journal looks like

When you will open the first page you’ll see this!
” Believer is the believer’s mirror”

Isn’t it beautiful?

Alhamdulillah for Series gratitude journal is divided into four categories. #AlhamdulillahForBasicNecessities , #AlhamdulillahForIslam, #AlhamdulillahForTiesThatBinds & #AlhamdulillahForEverything . There is  a list that you have to fill in each category as week 1,2,3 & 4. You have to write down the things you are grateful for. This is my favorite part actually because you feel so good while writing and then you realize there is so much to thank about and not enough space you know but then you get excited because there is another weekly list that you can fill❤

Let me show you some of the Beautiful illustrations! Yes guys these sisters are so talented. Creativity at its best👌

If you want to see more of these beautiful illustrations you have to check their Instagram account because their Instagram is dedicated to #AlhamdulillahForSeries

Here is the link
Now Here comes my favorite part, the weekly list part. I have filled it but please don’t judge me by my hand writing. Haha

I started reading & completing it & I can’t describe how I felt at that time. I know it is so hard to stay positive all the time in the world full of negativity but if you want to live a position life then trust me this Journal can help you. You will find your inner peace because you know sometimes we don’t bother paying attention to the little things but actually we can feel good about those little things as well. Now the question is how? It’s so simple. You have to develop a habit of gratitude. This is what I’ve learnt from this beautiful journal and this is what I would recommend it to you all. Those of you who know about this will definitely agree with me and those of who want to buy it you can click on the following link to know from where can you buy it in your country 👇

Check out their Facebook page👇
And also if you want to get some information and want to read inspiring and interesting stuff, you have to check their website as well👇
Do let me know in the comments below what are the things that you are grateful for in your life? And also share your experience if you already have this Journal.

Looking forward to your comments ❤