Why I love Autumn!

Now that the nights are getting longer and weather is starting to get a bit chillier, I am absolutely ready to welcome winter which is my favorite season. Autumn always marked a fresh start and it gives us hope which I think is an important factor. There’s something very special in the air at this time of the year. A crisp autumn breeze, falling leaves floating delicately towards the ground, inspiring many people to live again. You feel so good and motivated with new goals and new things to focus on. 

Leaves changing colour before falling look beautiful in shades of yellow, orange, gold, red and brown is probably one of my favorite things.
Walking on these crunchy leaves without giving attention to what is going on around me, in my own thoughts is undescribable. I never loved the idea of going on a morning walk as I am not a morning person but this season has something in it which just keeps pulling me to feel the positivity and freshness in the air. Seeing those glowy reds and yellows and feeling the crisp air, as I walk out of the door, makes it impossible for me not to smile and start the day feeling fresh and invigorated.

Reading in a calm environment while you light up a candle and drink a cup of coffee, I just love it!

I want to travel to some of the countries that are on my wish list. Walking on the streets of London, exploring Turkey, want to see how autumn is arriving there. Sounds dreamy righttttt? but that is impossible so I am following some tags on instagram where people from different countries upload autumn related pictures with beautiful captions.

 You can follow and take part too by searching tags like #myautumnspace #thisautumnlife #thisishowihueit #pocketsofslow 

What are the things you love about this season?

Love & light.x.


Halal Goodies Box

Hi everyone,

I hope you all are doing great. Today I am going to show you guys what i got in halal goodies box which I won in a giveaway. Halal Halal Goodies is a company which promotes natural products and a person who can happily choose natural over any other thing demands nothing else. If you are following me on Instagram , you’ve probably seen me sharing the unboxing of it. Without any delay here are the things I got:
Shifa Aromas Candle:

So the  thing I was anxiously waiting for is this Shifa aromas candle and the best thing about it is that it smells amazing like it’s too good. Winters are also coming and this candle would be a great combination while reading a book, can’t wait actually.

Akamuti Lip Balm:

Next is this amazing lip balm. I used it and i can actually write a whole post on it. It is so so good. It is a great mosturizer for lips and plus point is that it is made up of all natural ingredients. It smells amazing. I am using it daily and it is helping me alot. You have to try this out and I know it won’t disappoint you.

Amelia Rope Chocolate:

There was a chocolate included in the box as well which my brother ate(cries a river) and he told me that it was delicious. Now who doesn’t love chocolates? 

I am so glad that I won this beautiful box. Thank you Team halal goodies. You should check their instagram because they are offering great stuff. They have something special for everyone, you just have to check their website !

Love & light.x.

World Mental Health Day: Let’s talk 

World mental health is celebrated on 10th of October every year to raise the awareness about mental health issues across the globe. This October 10th marks its 25th anniversary, and all over the world, it has become an important day for all those seeking progress on mental health issues. 

Mental Health is very important which we often neglect. We focus more on our physical health which is good but neglecting mental health causes a major issue. We get stressed in our daily routine and then we try to overcome it, if we neglect that it will lead to depression. To cure mental illness from base level is very important it’s just that there is a need to accept the reality. Person suffering from mental health issues is going through difficult times but the least we can do is to understand what they are going through, to help them by talking.

Think about your circle of friends, family and your colleagues. We all know someone who is struggling, they may be suffering in silence. The truth is mental illness affects people of all ages. People suffering from this issue don’t seek out help but what you have to do is to be kind with them, show them the ways that will help them all they need is a person who will listen to what they are saying without judging or without any doubt. Speaking out about mental health protects our mental health. We just need to provide space and raise awareness about this matter and for this mental health holds an important position. If you are suffering from any kind of mental illness just remember that you are not alone, you can overcome it by talking about it. If you want to fight it you will be a winner and if you yourself don’t want to get out of it then it will be impossible for you to get rid of pain. 
Let’s just work together to break down the stigma that surrounds mental illness……. let’s talk!

Also I am going to attend a seminar today related to mental health and i will try to keep you guys updated about it through instagram stories so stay tuned.


Let’s talk about sundays!

Happy Sunday!
It’s been such a hectic week so i was waiting for weekend to complete all the tasks. Like today I opened my public instagram account and finally posted(oh-finally) and those of you who are following know that i posted stories about halal goodies box which i received after eid that shows how lazy i am. I need to fix this to be honest. Yes i am drinking coffee right now and after publishing this post, i am going to check blog posts of other people so you can drop your post link in comments section below.

We wait for weekend just to relax and do some work that needs to be done. On other days i just think about going to sleep early at night because that’s how busy my routine is but the case is opposite on sundays. I have to remind myself that please, no more excuses! Make up your mind and do the things because today you have extra time. Being busy is not always about negativity, it can be a source of happiness to you if you love what you do. Sometimes we overreact to certain things and later on we realize that we should’ve enjoyed those little moments. This is what life is, all about tiny moments! Let’s just make most of it.
I hope you guys had an amazing weekend full of fun and laughter. Just wanted to share this quickly with you guys. I am going to write a post on halal goodies box but for now you can check my insta stories(@_eatreadlive) to know what i am talking about. 



I wrote about pain and now i decided to write something which is related to pain, one word came into my mind and that is ‘Suffering’. We all suffer in one way or other. Sometimes we suffer if we do good & sometimes we suffer if we have done something wrong. So much is going on in this world that I feel so sad like when I see innocent people suffering due to terrorism, genocide, racism etc etc. This is the case where people who have done no wrong are suffering. The major question is why? And nobody is going to answer this why and this is the thing that I am afraid of. Let’s just raise our voice because that’s the least we can do.

Suffering is related to pain and there’s already so much pain in this world that it’s hard to imagine what the other person is going through in his life. In the other case people suffer because of depression, anxiety. Its treatment is available but the least we can do is to spread kindness. Your behavior can bring alot of change in other person’s life. Do you imagine that before talking to someone else? Trust me it will make alot of change.

Wrong decisions, not believing in ourself sometimes lead to suffering. It’s such a vast topic that the more you think about it the more you want to write, never ending discussion. So the idea behind this post is that the people of this world are already suffering alot, why are we making it worse? why are we ruining the definition of peace, kindness and happiness? Let’s make this world better for all by little acts of kindness. You can donate to help the victims of Syria, Burma, Jordan etc. You can talk to a person suffering from depression or anxiety or is in any other pain and try to help him. Actually you can do alot, you can make a huge difference.

Start now not tomorrow.


What is inside my handbag!

Hi lovely people!

I decided to do a fun post before eid as I was tagged by some friends on Instagram  &  Twitter  to do a challenge named ” What’s inside my handbag”

I always choose small handbags over big ones as I don’t carry so much stuff with me so a small beautiful bag which is easy to carry always works. Want to see what’s inside it? Here it is:


I put all the necessary cards, keys( if any), money, pins and little things in it.

Diary or a small notebook

This is always there like I love diaries.

Body Spray

Blushon/ face powder

Not always but sometimes I carry these with me as well.

Mascara/ Eye liner

It’s necessary as you all know. lol

Lip balm

I like my maybelline baby lips so this is one thing I like to carry with me wherever I go.


Who doesn’t like to wear them like who.

• Last but not the least my mobile.

Sometimes I add more things like Sunscreen, lotion etc 

It depends on the situation. Hope you enjoyed this post. 

I would love to know what’s inside your handbag.

Also Eid Mubarak to you all💕we will celebrate Eid tomorrow here in Pakistan. I pray that you enjoy every single moment of these blessed days. Remember me in your prayers! 


PAIN, not just a strong word.

Pain is not just a strong word. You can’t define pain in just a statement because it is different experience for every person. Pain can teach you to be hopeful and it can teach you to break all the rules. It can lead towards depression and insomnia. Pain, which allows you to forget everything else and you get close to Allah. Pain teaches you lessons but most importantly pain demands to be felt. Either you get what you want or you end up losing something in the end. It can be dangerous and it can be helpful but it depends on you, yes you that how do you see it. Do you want to stay in pain or do you want to get out of it, are you struggling in your life or you just sit and watch everything falls apart. You need to fix yourself first to get rid of PAIN. Yes it’s true that there are times when we must be hurt in order to grow, we must lose in order to gain, because some lessons in life are best learned through pain. But one has to get rid of pain because everybody wants to live a beautiful life.
It is a complicated phenomenon because pain according to you would be something else while according to me it would be something else. But one thing that is similar is it teaches us a lesson, it teaches us how to struggle, it makes us strong, it makes you look at the positive side of the life, which is a good thing but at the same time no one can ever forget the time period in which one has to go through so much pain. Pain according to me is a contcontradiction. You want to get rid of it but you feel trapped. It can be opposite as some people feel pleasure in it in various forms. You can’t share how you feel because it’s indescribable, at least for me. Like the world has came to an end or if not world then at least your life, the thought that you are going to die of pain gives you goosebumps and suddenly you feel helpless, breathless. We always compare pain to death and it’s hard to actually imagine it. It’s not just physical but mental illness results to a worst image because you can’t actually explain what you are going through whether it’s in the form of depression or just feeling of stress. Getting out of that pain is really really important according to me. There are medicines to get rid of physical pain but for mental pain it’s different. It kills you from inside. Yes I am saying it and it’s true that mental pain needs to be focused more as I see everyday in newspapers and social media that people are actually dying because of mental illness. We can do so many things to save people who are suffering from it. Why everybody is just ignoring this fact, why everyone is keeping their mouth shut, just because it’s not you? No this issue needs to get resolved as soon as possible. 

We together can actually do alot to save these people suffering from pain. 

Just spread kindness because this world already is full of hate. Just by talking to that kind of people will help them alot. As a psychology student, so far I learnt that you just have to listen to the person suffering from illness. Don’t give advices or things like that because the person sitting next to you might just wanted to talk to you without the fear of judgement you know. Spread kindness because it will not cost you anything but it will be helpful for people around you. Positive attitude is really important specially in a negative environment. 

I read this on internet and I feel like what pain actually is has been described very truly. I thought I should share it with you guys as well. Here it is


With the pain in your chest, you can’t stand anymore,

So tired you just want to fall to the floor,

Exhausted from smiling every single day,

No matter what the pain won’t go away.

Feel so hopeless, you just want to cry,

When no one can help you or even say why

The darkness took over the life you once had,

It left you so lonely, frightened and sad…

You thought this was it, things can get no worse

You are tired of fighting the eternal curse.

But each day gets harder, harder to bear,

When you think of future, you really don’t care.

Each day you wake up hoping it’s your last,

It’s raining today, dark and overcast…

The monster inside is the worst thing that’s happened,

More painful than anything ever imagined.

Still I live with the hope things will one day get better,

That this pain inside will not last forever.

–  Anonymous.

Hope never dies even in critical situations one has to be hopeful in order to survive. People suffering from pain are always hopeful that maybe in next minute their pain will go away. When there is no hope left or the person feels hopeless then they start thinking about death which is so hard actually.

I will write more posts on mental health in coming days as this is my field but for now we have to accept the fact that no matter what kind of pain it is, people suffer alot. We have to accept the fact that we actually focus more on physical health and neglect mental health. But now we have to stay united and write about this matter and raise our voices because this is all what we can do. 

Hope this article is helpful for you all and I can’t wait to read more posts on this issue. If you have written something do share the link in the comments section below.

Spread happiness, kindness and love.x.

Note: The featured image is by talented artist Mahoor Jamal. Her work is incredible. You can check more of her work on Instagram @mahoor_jamal 👇


I am back after not-so-long Eid break!

Hi Everyone! 
I hope you all are doing great. I didn’t post after Eid(makes a sad face) because I went to my hometown to spend Eid holidays and to celebrate Eid with my relatives. I truly enjoyed these 15 days and took some time off from social media. But yeah I am back guys and I can’t wait to share all the pictures with you all. So my hometown is Murree and it’s a Northern area near Islamabad. Weather there was so so good like 20°C-21°C. I don’t like Summer season, my favorite season is winter. So the days spent there were amazing. I am a nature loving person and I love hilly areas, greenery and all things natural. Yes I prefer village life over city life actually. The fact that you are breathing in a peaceful and fresh environment is so good. You get to Know so much about your surroundings and different kind of people. I have experienced so many new things there and I enjoyed every bit of it. I did horse riding for the first time in my whole life(Yassss guys) and I can’t explain how amazing it was. So many memories I made and I can’t wait to go there again. It’s a great place to beat the summer heat and just chill in a not-so-cold weather. Oh yes I enjoyed cable-car and chair-lift ride aswell. I had such an amazing time with my cousins. We spent a whole day on the beautiful hill  like we had a ride on chair lift and then cable car to go to the top of the hill and did horse riding there. Below are some of the pictures of the view and hills(I love taking pictures of sky like I am obsessed with it).

Breathtaking view from the top of the hill
As i told you guys i love taking pictures of sky.
This is how a chairlift looks like incase you don’t know what I am talking about!
And this is a cable car. Sorry for bad picture quality as it was impossible to take a descent picture while sitting in it.
And this was so much fun but right now look at how beautiful the horse is!
View from Chair lift.
Can you spot the moon?🌚

Oh let me mention that All these pictures are without any photo effect(It’s true).

I hope you have enjoyed. I wanted to share pictures of food as well but there are so many of them that still I am unable to decide which to post and which not to. As you all know pictures of food are always pretty. Hahaha

It’s not like I don’t go to my hometown every year. No we spend all the important occasions and summer season there because weather here get so hot that it’s unbearable. I just thought of sharing where were I during this Eid break(too long in my case) because i’ve got so many messages that where am I as I didn’t post anything on social media for like 15 days I guess. But oh I have so many ideas in my head that I will be sharing with you guys in form of different posts. 


Thank you for following my blog, you all are awesome.x. So overwhelmed with the response that I am getting Alhamdulillah💙

I would love to know how you guys spent your Eid holidays and summer vacations as well?🌟

3 Simple Ways To Get Organized In Life!

Getting organized in life is what I am struggling about these days. It’s pretty hard for a messy and lazy person like me. But because of Ramadan no matter what, you have to do all the things on time so this is one of many things I like about this beautiful month. I always try to do my work on time but I fail because I am always like oh I will do this tomorrow or few hours later or I forget to do that and I hate this so much. So nowadays I am trying my best to do all the important things on their time and trying to manage time. Following are steps that will help you in getting organized in an easy way.

1) Use A Planner

This is a very important step and will help you alot. Writing things down in a notebook and planning things is always a great option. Plan things and write everything which is on your list-to-do everyday. I made my own planner like it’s so rough and I am also planning to buy one. I have downloaded one on my phone which was included in Muslimah Bloggers giveaway by Muslim Mommy USA and I can’t wait to get a print of it.

2) Stick to your Plan

Whatever plans you have made or the things you have wrote down, it will be of no use if you’ll not follow this step. Look you have wrote down every thing that you have to do everyday and you have planned everything, now if you’ll not follow it obviously you will not be able to do things on time. This will make you frustrated because you are not able to complete your work on time. So by sticking to your plan and by doing everything on its proper time, you will be able to save time and this will make you happy. This is the step that I missed mostly and results were terrible. I always made time tables, used a notebook but guess what It didn’t work. Why? Because I wasn’t​ sticking to my plan, I was replacing things that okay I will do this tomorrow so let’s do another thing (procrastination at its peek).

3) Relax and Simplify things

This is as important as doing all the tasks on the right time. You will feel some difficulty in doing this because you know a person who procrastinates alot like me can never easily make plans and then stick to it. No like honestly I am still struggling with this and I am trying again this time, hopefully everything will get easy and life will be less frustrated. To be honest you will feel low sometimes but all you need to do is to relax and just take some good rest. Another important thing to relieve stress is to make things simple. This will obviously require a positive mindset. Do things as simply as you can because complicated methods take alot of time and you will feel so tired. Obviously things will become complicated for you if you’ll not finish your work on time so, to avoid that you have to work everything as you have planned. Put yourself in a position where you can focus on doing the right task for the moment. Just relax and do something good for yourself because this is very important if you really want to get organized in life.

What are the steps you are following to help being organized in life? Would love to know that.

Much love.x.


I read this somewhere that psychology says, “It’s healthier to be sad sometimes than happy all the time.”

Life is so unpredictable. We can’t predict what’s gonna happen next because sometimes we expect something and we get an absolutely opposite result. We always feel like why can’t life be just good. Why we feel depressed and lazy on some days and feel good and energetic on some. And we end up thinking that maybe there is a fault somewhere that needs to be fixed. 

You know what there always can’t be happy days, energetic you, great things, positivity all around. There will be some days filled with dull moments, laziness, negativity and it’s completely okay and normal. This world is made up of pairs. Like there is morning and evening, sunshine and rain, happy and sad etc etc

You will find pairs in everything not just physical things but also our emotions, feelings as well. If you are feeling good today it’s not necessary that you will be feeling good tomorrow as well but yes you can struggle to do that. Maybe you will feel lazy for just few seconds and then you will be okay after that.

Personally there are days when I don’t want to do anything and just want to sleep and eat you know and I know you all feel like that too. I try to be as much positive as I can but sometimes I fail but this doesn’t mean that I should start saying that ‘Oh I hate my life’. This is not the thing we should be extremely worried about or start blaming ourselves because it’s pretty normal. No matter how hard you try not all 365 days are going to be the same. Do not blame yourself. Just try to embrace and live every moment. Feel positive towards everything because you are precious. Try to learn new things and try to learn to live bad moments as well because it’s a part of our lives.

All I am trying to say is that if you are not feeling good and something bad happens, do not complain because as we all know everything happens for a reason. We should just pray that every day we will be able to do something extraordinary, something that’ll​ make us happy. 

The more you try to control something, the more it controls you. Free yourself and let things take their own natural course. You can’t control everything. Sometimes you just need to relax and have faith that things will work out. Let go and let life happen.