Every Day Is A Mother’s Day!

So today is a special day as the whole world is celebrating Mother’s day. I started blogging few days back and I wanted to write something for my mother and I thought today is a great day to write something about the most special person in my life-My mother!💞

Actually I feel like every day should be celebrated as Mother’s day because she deserves more. I am not against wishing her on social media or posting a selfie or something but I think it’s more important to tell her everyday that ‘I love you’. Trust me it will make her feel better. I wanted to write something about my mother but we all know words are never enough to describe what she means to us. I want to write so much and still I can’t find the right words. So please bear with me. Here I go!

“All that I am and I will be, I owe to my mother” -George Washington

My mother is a huge part of my life. When I count the hours that we spend together, traveling, shopping and doing all things together, I realized she is the best thing in the whole wide world.

For me, my mother is my inspiration. I can’t describe my love for her, she’s a role model for me. She is the reason behind every good thing I do. Everyday I just want to do something extraordinary just because of her. Her journey is remarkable and quite inspirational for me. 

She always says ‘Yousra you should write a book on my life, trust me it will be a hit’ and I always laugh because her journey so far is quite remarkable and tough at the same time. I have never seen such a hard working person in my entire life. She is kind towards other people. I am not saying this because she is my mother but because this is all true. Despite so many difficulties she never said that ‘Oh I hate my life.’ This is what motivates me alot. Don’t give up no matter what. She says that ‘Do whatever you think is better for yourself but do well’. Also today is my birthday and I have turned 20 years old but still I don’t usually buy my own dresses, in short she is my stylist. Whatever idea she  come up with that this dress should be sewed like this and all the style stuns me. 

Our choices are so similar, from outfits to jewellery and sandals, she always makes​ sure that everything for us is on point. I just love her and I want to do something extraordinary for her. Nobody in this whole wide world is like your parents, no one can beat their love. My mother went to perform Umrah few days back and you can’t imagine how much I missed her. Everything was incomplete, when I used to come back from uni and after realizing that she is not present at home, I felt so tired at that time. Nobody can replace her. Ami you are the BEST.

My mother gave me life and never once asked for anything in return. That is her secret you know; always giving without expectations. She is as constant as the sunrise, the moon, the stars and I count on her. She helps me find my way through the years and makes me laugh while doing it. There are somethings that only a mother can do.

For all the times I didn’t thank you, either because I was too young, too busy, or just didn’t find the words. Today I want to thank you for all you’ve done for me. Now I realize more and more everything you did, everything you gave and most importantly​ everything you stand for and I love you and I thank you with all my heart. You deserve the best and I will make sure that you will get the best❤

Words can’t describe how much I love you and how much you mean to me.


To the world you are a mother, to your child you are the world.

Happy mother’s day to all the beautiful Mother’s out there!

You guys are the best and nobody can beat what you do for your children no matter what💕

How you surprised your mother today?Do let me know in the comments below.


A few days back I was discussing that what is perfection & all with one of my classmates who I believe is very strong because she lost her mother when she was 6 years old & her father went to abroad leaving her with her aunt. She still is quite positive in her life and never complains. She said something important. She said, Yousra do you know why I am like this?Why I never complain & why I am so positive towards life and the fact that there is nobody to take care of me, my parents left me & I am still happy. You Know why? Because I never wanted to be perfect. I accepted my weaknesses. I wanted to live happily,who doesn’t?So this is the reason I chose a simple life over a complex one. I do so many things wrong everyday & so much wrong has happened to me but I never complain because I trust Allah. Yes I try to be better each day but to be perfect is not my goal. I am so inspired by her.
I actually don’t Know what to write because it would take me the rest of my life to think this thing through but whatever comes in my mind I’m gonna write it down so please bear with me!

A thought came in my mind that why can’t everybody be like her you know? Because she’s been through so much & still she is happy & the reason of her happiness is that her goal is not PERFECTION.

Why we all keep running towards material things to make our lives perfect but there is no peace in our lives & we forget easily that this world is artificial. Life is not perfect. It never has been and it never will be. It means we can stop pursuing the mystical, perfect life. It means we can stop chasing the perfect skin, Perfect job, perfect house & all. It means we can find freedom to live within our imperfections. In fact the sooner we realize that nothing is perfect in this artificial world, the sooner we can begin living better lives. We can finally stop chasing happiness in perfection you Know. Because we all know that Perfection is never doing something wrong & nobody is like that. Do you know someone like a single person who haven’t done something wrong?

So according to me, Perfect is absolutely boring!

Flaws and failures are a part of human condition. And even if you look at the person next to you & believe with all your heart that they ‘have it all’, You are wrong.

Every person in this world has mental, physical or emotional imperfections. When we feel bad about who we are, we are unable to perform successfully in the world around us. Yes we all want to achieve our dreams & goals but let me tell you something. Perfection & success are two completely different terms,

so never get confused that Oh I cannot be perfect so I can’t be successful. No it’s not like that. Personally for me, perfection is absolutely not what I want. Happiness & Positivity is something that is important.

Learn to be happy not perfectly because happiness lies in little things. And sometimes in search of perfection we ignore so many beautiful & important things,we forget who we are.

You are not perfect but you are enough,you are powerful,you can do so many things. Live a simple life. Stop criticizing & judging yourself but obviously try to be a better person each day. What if you can’t do that? Maybe you are good at something else. It’s easy to say that oh that girl is so perfect,how she do that? But you never know what’s going on in her life. So try not to be perfect because perfection doesn’t exist. Allah is perfect & nature is perfect but human beings make mistakes & they are not perfect.

Shine for progress not perfection!

I fall, I rise

I make mistakes

I live, I learn

I’ve been hurt but I’m alive

I’m human & I’m not perfect

But I am thankful……


You may or may not agree with me but I want to know what are your thoughts on Perfection, please comment below 💕

The Time Is Now!


I made this account like 9 months ago and now I properly started writing posts because at that time I was like no it’s not the right time to do this, how I will be able to manage time and things like that. But you know what I just realized that I was totally wrong because there is never a right time to do anything, we have to make the time right and do things accordingly.

Why we don’t do things that we want to do?And we always end up doing nothing.

Doing something is better than doing nothing and this is something we all should understand.

” The right time is always now” -Casey Neistat.

Actually it is terrible thing in life, to wait until you are ready. You have to be ready to do all the things you want to do right now. I guess we all do this often because sometimes we are not in a mood to do that thing but we wait for the right time and that never happens because you have to make right time by yourself. Time never waits for anyone so why not do it now. We all should live in the present moment,you know this is the moment you are alive, happy & you can do whatever you want to do. Do not think about past or that what will happen in future, just enjoy this present moment!

I always wanted to come out of my comfort zone and wanted to do something interesting so I just decided that no matter what I am going to do this now and finally I started this journey and I am happy but the fear of judgment is still there. Haha

When you plan to do something and finally you are done with it, trust me the amount of  happiness you get after that  is undescribable.(I know you guys can totally relate to this)

So Don’t wait for things to get easier, simpler and better. Life will always be complicated. Learn to be happy right now, otherwise you will run out of time.

Think Positive Always!🌟

Hello World!

Hello everyone!

I am gonna start this journey now & I am so excited as well as nervous. Well I always wanted to do this but you know I was like Oh my God how i will be able to manage time and all, actually right now too I am like, what am I doing?Haha. And guess what, I made this account like 9 months ago but didn’t post anything,not even a single word. Oh God. I Know I am so lazy but I have to do this. Lol

I have tried to come out of my comfort zone. Awkward feelings aside, I thought that this might be quite a nice way for me to write whatever is in my mind you know.I will write a detailed post on this but for now I am looking forward to a great experience😊